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  1. UPDATE: Roadman: -Honey Badger -USAS +TMP +Winchester 1897
    2 points
  2. Courier

    Couriers Store

    Added steven
    1 point
  3. Mommy

    Mommy and Krokie's Emporium

    forgot to say but svt40 is now on assassin, very cool very pog thx @Lemze
    1 point
  4. what a bozo
    1 point
  5. jihad kekistani


    both are solid guys. good to have em on the staff team
    1 point
  6. Deadlux

    Lux & Dandy's store!

    UPDATE - Swapped the PKM on Marine with the M249 LMG
    1 point
  7. Copium


    @EYEBOBLER great lad can confirm.
    1 point
  8. UPDATE: Ronald has misplaced his SVT-40 ?
    0 points
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