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  1. GoDofWaR

    Can't join server

    After the change, I changed to chromium back (not x86-64), and it worked well
  2. GoDofWaR

    Can't join server

    After testing and speaking with others, I can confirm the issue only occurs if you have 64-bit or Chromium Beta installed. To remove it (without uninstalling Garry's Mod), go to your Steam Library, Right click on Garry's Mod, click Properties. then in the Beta tab select None. it will show you an update is available. once its updated, it should all work @jihad kekistani.
  3. GoDofWaR

    Can't join server

    The CG Server restarts every day at 6am (UK Time). It should automatically update during the process. Apparently, some facepunch devs are aware of the surge in crashes and it is being take care of.
  4. GoDofWaR

    Can't join server

    dare you to quit gmod and try again
  5. GoDofWaR

    Can't join server

    I have the same issue now, sometimes it connects and then crashes after a few mins/seconds, and sometimes it crashes on the "Ready To Play" state. https://streamable.com/r1tajs This seems to be an issue relating to the recent update. Most likely can only be solved by restarting the server and updating to the latest server version.
  6. GoDofWaR

    Can't join server

    Seems like it is the update. I have one queued. I have just disconnected from CG and updated it. I have managed to re-connect to CG. @JEFF42 @jihad kekistaniAre you launching Garry's Mod in 32 bit?
  7. GoDofWaR

    Can't join server

    Is this problem only related to CG? Do single player/another server work? Have you tried restarting your computer?
  8. I agree, Jamie is really good and dedicated as well as the other Superadmins and Admin+s!
  9. @Joshie is a very nice person and a very good moderator, I am looking forward to see you become admin and help the community become a better place for everyone to RP at
  10. Write a public message on Bigflip's feed...

  11. Hello CG Members! It is not a secret most people believe Bitcoin Mining isn't very profitable and just not worth it. I have decided to spend my money on all types of bitcoin miners and check exact profit/revenue values so the community gets a clearer image of the Bitcoin system. Looking over my results, I find it a bit shocking of how different miners earn per minute. Maybe it is time to change some miners so the "time needed to get your initial investment back" is more realistic. But thats a possible future suggestion; for now, lets jump straight in. Currently, in CG, there are 3 types of Bitcoin Miners, the Bitminer S1, Bitminer S2 and the Bitminer Server which is connecting to the Bitminer Rack. The Bitminer Rack can hold up to 8 Servers. To start with, lets take a look at the initial investments needed for each miner: Bitminer S1 Bitminer S2 Bitminer Rack + 8 Servers Miner £5,000 £25,000 £50,000 each Upgrades £773,400 £773,400 about £550,000 Generator £6,000 £6,000 £6,000 Extras N/A N/A Bitminer Rack - £100,000 Total £784,400 £804,400 about £1,056,000 As we can see, the initial investment ranges between £780k to £1m. This range is quite small when you looking at the possible profit from each miner: Bitminer S1 Bitminer S2 Bitminer Rack + 8 Servers Every 1 minute £1,255.34 £1,880.50 £8,738.70 Every 10 minutes £12,553.37 £18.805.02 £87,387.00 Every 1 hour £75,320.22 £112,830.12 £524,322.00 Time needed to get back initial investment 10 hours 7 hours 2 hours From this table we can agree it definitely not worthy investing in the Bitminer S1 and the Bitminer S2, as most people will not base for 10+ or 7+ hours. However we can conclude that if you have a base, and planning to base for more than 2 hours, which is realistic sometimes, the Bitminer Rack, equipped with all 8 servers is a good investment. Whilst this table only shows one of each miner - you can own up to two of each. This doesn't change any estimates about time needed to see profit, as if you double the money making entity, and double the investment, the time needed would be the same. So realistically, in order to make money, you can buy and upgrade two Bitminer Racks, with 8 servers in each, making more than £1,000,000 every hour, simply by yourself! Like I mentioned, time needed to make profit wont change, however, the possible profit made after those 2 hours can be much bigger if you base with your friends/gang. If only 5 people spawn their two Bitminer Racks - You would make about £5,200,000 every hour (or about £866,666 every 10 minutes) and that's dope. So, in conclusion, Bitminers aren't that bad if you invest in them correctly and have at least 2 hours to dedicate. Should I make more of these guides for other money making entities? Let me know what you think! *Fuel intake per miner, per generator was not calculated in this guide and actual profit may vary based on the miner you are using and the fuel intake needed*