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  1. Oh My Word I got notifications on this store I thought there it was an update 🥲
  2. Very Usefull Guide for who Plays Mayor or CP Alot,I reccomend to everyone who constantly plays mayor and has to put laws manually and thinks it's anooying(Like Me)to use it.
  3. Nice Guide!Remember me using it when I bought my first CJ,it helped me alot
  4. @OoO To measure I use a little block and the with stacker tool I make another one of 60 or 65 or even 70 to be shure
  5. If I had the money I would buy a slot!Very Nice CJ,cool guns,sweps,abilities,name,color and model!Buy now yes
  6. Very Good Store,Keep It Up!
  7. I bough it today,so my first cp cj next restart 🙂
  8. Why when I enter in the server it gives a connection error? How to fix it?
  9. CG l Joseph

    Admin Recruit

    I've asked to an admin how to become an admin and he says me go in this forum, so...How to be an admin?