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  1. GumiTea


    "hell yeah partner, give me that juicy kratos!"
  2. bigflip is very nice staff and friendly person. Hopefully we will see him get SA soon. 💜
  3. yes [OOC] Bobzy: I'll fuck your ass hard
  4. If you dont have paypal... just make one. 3Head
  5. GumiTea

    Easy Record Software

    Its basically OBS paste. So why not use an actual OBS? Btw you dont even need to download any software, because you can use "xbox gamebar" which is system application and it works fine.
  6. Yeah, Jamie is cool on CG (cloudgaming)
  7. GumiTea


    or you can type "act dance" in console
  8. GumiTea

    Selling chaos CJ

    Chaos sold to @Joshie Thank you bro! ❤️
  9. GumiTea

    Selling chaos CJ

    IG Name: GumiTea Selling: Chaos Description: N/A Price: 35GBP included fee Payment method(s): PayPal Other comments:HMU here or on discord: GumiTea#8311
  10. Im not staff anymore but thank you ❤️
  11. GumiTea

    OoO's OoO

    The design is confusing af and my eyes hurt so much. Its garbage overall. fix design and names of the cjs and you will be good.
  12. I hope that picking the winner will be recorded. 🙂
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