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  1. Because i am leaving the server
  2. Never be able to sell a slot ? I have 10 over the last few weeks
  3. You and Jake are on some seriously strong gear if you think i would sell it to either of you for £50
  4. That's what i paid for it...Take it or leave it. £50 ? I would pay £50 for you never to be able to inflict your opinion on me ever again
  5. Selling full Boney ownership £150
  6. IG Name: Hairybeast Selling: Riot (Brute) Description: CJ Price: 30 Inc fee Payment method(s): Paypal Other comments: Buy it
  7. Hairybeast

    Buying Hairy

    You can have my slot for £20
  8. IG Name:BaldBrute Selling:Hairy slot Description: Hairy Price:£35 including fee Payment method(s) PayPal only Other comments: buy it !
  9. G Name: TBL Hairy Toes Selling: Chaos Description: Chaos CJ Price:£20 inc fee Payment method(s)Pay Pal Only Other comments: Dm me
  10. Selling IG Name: TBL Hairy Toes Selling: Exile Description: Exile CJ Price:£20 Inc Fee Payment method(s)Pay Pal Only Other comments: Dm me
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