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  1. oogo boogo guide to weed 🙂 We all know by now weed is most probably the single best way to make money within cloud gaming due to its high profitability as-well as extremely low maintenance. Due to it being the best and most popular way to make money I will make a guide to selling weed and calculating the total profit you can make by doing weed. First and foremost, the calculations. I have deduced that the time to grow one single harvest of weed is 10 minutes exactly so the calculations will be relatively easy with such a simple number. Furthermore, you will notice the profitability for the first harvest twill be relatively low due to me considering the initial cost of the plant pot itself. number of harvests : total cost : total revenue : total profit : 2 12000 54000 18000 4 24000 108000 60000 6 36000 162000 102000 8 48000 216000 144000 10 60000 272000 186000 12 72000 324000 228000 As we can see by the table our profit at the end of hour 1 will be 228000 , this may not seem like a lot but due to weeds low maintenance and simplicity it’s a fair amount for simply buying weed seeds and putting them into a plant pot , as if we compare meth , meth is a much more complex and high maintenance as we have to buy a lot of different ingredients mix them together put them on a stove etc. and due to its labour intensity no one wants to do it and in my opinion is one of the reasons as to why weed is the best money making method especially for new players. Moreover, I would recommend either basing in shitville , sewers or industrial for weed as industrial is right next to gazza , and with sewers and shitville you can take advantage of the sewers to go to and from gazza , however I will not recommend basing in industrial its one of the most hostile areas to base so be cautious when doing so I have not yet calculated other ways of making money as they will be more time consuming , therefore expect to see more money-making guides when I find the time to do so. Furthermore, I have looked over godofwar’s guide and although a amazingly written guide , I noticed he didn’t seem to mention price of fuel and how long it will be between fuels so I will be contacting him to work with him to improve his guide to add in costs therefore things like the initial investment will be longer to earn back however I do not expect the costs of fuel to make a huge difference. Any improvements or recommendations you have for this guide pls comment it and I will review it and decide if I need to make improvements due to your comment ! Thank you and goodbye , see you on my next guide ! on a side note I am also an A level maths , further maths and economics student who will be going to study accounting and finance and Loughborough university , so any questions you have to do with uni choices , maths ( whether it be A level or gcse related questions ) and economics feel free to get in touch with me and id be more than willing to try and help you out ! 228000