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  1. Thomas Shelby OBE MP

    Baba Gili

    This guy is the man, filled Havoc's and my printers for 2+ hours (I went out for 2 hours and asked him), and when I came back my money box had 1.2 mil from printers.
  2. Thomas Shelby OBE MP

    Physguns/Gravgun wont show

    Well for me, it's always been like this, batons make like a shock sound when you hit with them
  3. Thomas Shelby OBE MP

    Bank Transfer needed

    Forum staff, feel free to lock this post, big thanks to @Toxic Squirrel
  4. Thomas Shelby OBE MP

    Bank Transfer needed

    I already contacted him, he isn't available, that's why I made the post
  5. Thomas Shelby OBE MP

    Bank Transfer needed

    So I would like to buy a custom job, but since Paypal doesn't work where I live, I would like to do a bank transfer to someone (a middleman), and the middleman can Paypal the money to the seller. Contact me here
  6. Thomas Shelby OBE MP


    +support Sings Billie Eyelash with me
  7. Thomas Shelby OBE MP

    The man who puts in all the work.

    THE SHADES In all seriousness though, @D34THC47 is one heck of an admin, the server needs more staff like him willing to do their job.
  8. Thomas Shelby OBE MP


    Exactly my point, for instance if there is no law saying "Weapons out is KOS/AOS" I don't even warn people to get them away from their hands since weapons aren't illegal
  9. Thomas Shelby OBE MP


    So I learned from the "best" moderators on the server that if a law says "Weapons out is KOS/AOS", I STILL should give them a warning. How does that make any sense? I, along with countless others, do this all the time without any trouble, and now I get punished for it. I need clarification on this (If you are one of the two mods, please don't comment)
  10. Thomas Shelby OBE MP


  11. Thomas Shelby OBE MP


    He is getting fucked with 75+ players so pls show him some love This Is So Sad @DarkStefPlay Despacito
  12. Thomas Shelby OBE MP

    Is this allowed?

    I was going to get jailed for it but it isn't really included in the rules and it seems like a valid roleplay reason
  13. Thomas Shelby OBE MP

    Is this allowed?

    Is killing a cop who arrested you allowed? I mean, you aren't breaking NLR and there is nothing in the rules about it NOT being allowed. An admin and a mod were against it when I did it so I want to clarify (I have heard it is allowed from some people if I am being honest)
  14. Thomas Shelby OBE MP

    Why doesn't this work?

    I tried it a few days ago and it doesn't work. Would like it if it does work as it's fun
  15. Thomas Shelby OBE MP

    Default crosshair in single player gone

    So I went on single player to fix a couple of dupes, but when I did start it up, the default crosshair on physics gun etc. is gone, any fix for this?