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    Buying Baldy

    Bought a slot, dont make offers.
  2. nani

    Buying Baldy

    IG Name: nani Buying: Baldy Description: he bald Looking to pay: 30 or under Payment method(s) PayPal Other comments:
  3. Used to own it before I quit, definitely recommend!
  4. Wait did it get better? Might have to drop a couple doubloons on this
  5. nani

    Selling Blaze

    Selling IG Name: CG | nani Selling: Blaze CJ Slot Description: Full Weapon, SWEP and Ability list found here; Price: 25 + Fee (5) Payment method(s) PayPal Only! Other comments: Very good job for the money, constantly gets updates with an owner that really cares about the job. Only real reason I'm selling is because I'm quitting GMod.
  6. Blaze Update - Exile + Mustang and Sallys #BuyBlaze
  7. nani


    Now I get I've been repping his CJ for like 3 days straight, but I honestly think @Dale is a pretty solid dude to play with. Every time I talk to him he's always full of jokes and he's honestly just a great character to RP / base with. Also I know it's getting to the point where it's sort of annoying but now that he owns Blaze it's gotten a lot of good changes, and he listens to what the slot owners want on the job. Great player.
  8. Blaze Update - EX-41 + Exile #BuyBlaze
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