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  1. Selling cj: Boney - £20 + u pay fee. Pm me. Boney Custom Job Owners: @Slav @Sprickles Weapons: AK47, Double Barrel, Ithaca, Matador, Barret M82, Winchester 1897, USAS, Damascus sword, P90, M14, PKM, Crossbow, Galil, TMP SWEPS: Magic Sword, Active Camouflage, 100 Armor, Climb Swep 3, Hackphone, Keypad Cracker, Disguise, BHOP Swep, Unarrest Baton, Lockpick Abilities: Meth Cook, Raid PD, Build on Streets, Raid Bank, Mug, Weed, DJ Equipment, Armour Charger, Hits, Moonshine Price: £35 (my price is 10 pounds less).
  2. IG Name: KermitClause Selling: Boney Description: Cute cj. Price: Boney for 25 pounds (flexible).(I pay fee). Payment method(s): PayPal. Other comments: Kermit#5920 - Discord, pm me etc.
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