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    Selling Exile CJ

    Exile (✔) Description: Crispy man player model Raid and base with anyone Most weapons on the server All weapons are good and serve a purpose no filler weapons like other jobs Weapons: Magic Sword, USAS Shotgun, Remington 870 Shotgun, AS Val Assault rifle, SCAR Assault rifle, PKM Machine gun, Bizon pp19 Sub machine gun, Desert eagle Pistol, Ithaca Shotgun, M60 Machine gun, AK47 Vulcan Assault rifle, M1918 Bar Machine gun, PSG-1 Sniper rifle, Barret M82 Sniper rifle , XM1014 shotgun, Glock 18 Pistol AWP Dragon Lore Sniper Rifle, SG550 Assault rifle, Dual Elites Dual pistols M9K Exile Grenade launcher SWEPS: Active Camouflage, Climb Swep, Bhop Swep, Hackphone, 100 Armour, Unarrest Baton, Disguise Kit, Lock pick, Keypad Cracker, Med Kit Abilities: Can take hits, Mug up £10,000, Raid the PD, Raid the Bank, Weed growing equipment, Special Arms Dealer's equipment , Bitcoin mining equipment, Meth cooking equipment, Can kidnap, Moonshine brewing equipment, Can build on streets. Price: Price: £35+fee DM me on the forums or Discord (raina ღ#5418) if you are interested!
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