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    Spetsnaz was sold
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    If you'd like a worse deal, exceptions could be made, but 95 is all im asking
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    sold brute now selling spetsnaz for 95 million
  7. Best of luck selling, armed police is a super unique job and whoever ends up buying will definitely enjoy it. (just dont spawn too many toll gates or I'll cry)
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    I am allowed to sell assassin 🙂🙂🙂
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    Now selling assassin and brute for IGM!
  10. In this guide I'll try to cover most of the useful techniques for binding weapons/sweps/entities. However, if I miss any techniques just let me know and I'll try my best to add them. Basic Binding Binding is done via a console command with the following syntax: bind <key> <command> It esentially allows you to run a command on a keypress, and most actions in DarkRP can be accessed via a command. Commands You can bind any command to a key, but the most common command's you'll use are the 'use' command and the 'say' command. Here's the syntax for both: use <swep> say <words> The 'use' command pulls out the weapon/swep you specify, and the say command will make you say whatever you put after it into the in-game chat. Here's how you'd bind these commands: bind <key> "use m9k_tec9" bind <key> "say /poo" For the 'use' command, you need to specifiy the swep using it's ID, which you can get by searching for the swep in the Q menu, right clicking it, and then selecting copy to clipboard: Config Files Config files are esentially lists of commands (or in this case binds) you want to run at certain times. You can find these files at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\cfg To better keep track of your binds, you can put them into 'autoexec.cfg'. This config file is run upon joining the server. This means if you overwrite these binds in-game, they will reset when you rejoin. Once the 'autoexec.cfg' config has run, you can run it or any other config file with the following command: exec <filename> However, this filename does not include the .cfg file extension. Alias Command The 'alias' command allows you to make a new command out of 1 or more pre-existing commands. Here's the syntax: alias <name> <commands> Alias commands allow you to do some cooler binds which I will explain later, but for now here's an example use: alias brute "say /brute" This creates a command called 'brute' which upon being run will make you say '/brute', which will therefore make you switch to brute. Cycle Binds Cycle binds are binds which rebind themselves. It basically allows you to bind multiple sweps/entities to 1 key. Here's an example that I use for moonshine: alias moonshine0 "say !buyalcohol; bind / moonshine1" alias moonshine1 "say !buydankjuice; bind / moonshine0" bind / moonshine0 'moonshine0' spawns alcohol then rebinds the / key to moonshine1 'moonshine1' spawns dank juice then rebinds the / key to moonshine0 This will create a loop where each time you press the / key, it will spawn the next moonshine entity. Finally, the bind command starts the loop by binding moonshine0 to the / key. Some more practical examples are for bhopping: alias bhop "use bhop_swep; bind MOUSE5 climb" alias climb "use climb_swep2; bind MOUSE5 bhop" bind MOUSE5 "bhop" Or for making a key pull out a new smg each time you press it: alias smg0 "use m9k_vector; bind g smg1" alias smg1 "use bb_mac10; bind g smg2" alias smg2 "use bb_tmp; bind g smg3" alias smg3 "use m9k_tec9; bind g smg4" alias smg4 "use m9k_mp9; bind g smg5" bind g smg0 Job Binds Lastly you can combine all these techniques to become a bind god, and have a different set of binds per job. Instead of putting your binds into 'autoexec.cfg' or directly into a console, put them into a config file named after the job the binds are for. Here's an example of what you could put in 'brute.cfg': alias bhop "use bhop_swep;bind MOUSE5 climb" alias climb "use climb_swep2;bind MOUSE5 bhop" bind MOUSE5 "bhop" alias moonshine0 "say !buyalcohol; bind / moonshine1" alias moonshine1 "say !buydankjuice; bind / moonshine0" bind / moonshine0 bind x "use unclen8_mk14" bind g "use m9k_tec9" bind f "use weapon_lightsaber" bind t "use m9k_m14sp" bind z "use m9k_ak47" bind b "use m9k_m249lmg" bind c "use m9k_m1918bar" bind v "use weapon_medkit" bind i "say /buyammo 7" say "/brute" say "/hitprice 10000" As well as binds for your favourite weapons on the job, you also need to add a line to run the command that will turn you into that job. Finally, I also added a line to set my hitprice to 10k. The last step to make this usable, is to add this line to 'autoexec.cfg': alias brute "exec brute" Now, instead of switching your job via the F4 menu, simply open the console and type the name of the job, this will then set all your binds, your hitprice if applicable, and change you into the job. Now there you go, you now have an unhealthy amount of binds. Was it worth the effort? Probably not.
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    Don't forget to equip it go one of your cosmetic slots. You'll see them next to your player model in the store.
  12. Such a cool CJ, thank you for hosting enzo and good luck to you all STEAM_0:1:186791951
  13. you've gone through 1 marine slot and 2 baldy slots in 1 day, that's gotta be a record. very nice store, good luck selling
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