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  1. Verdun

    Buying cj slot

    Oh no, when I made the post originally I accidentally made 2 and updated this one i didn’t make a new one for the purpose of telling you that sorry
  2. Verdun

    Buying cj slot

    To show that I don’t need one anymore
  3. Verdun

    Buying cj slot

    luckily I bought one rn
  4. Verdun

    Buying cj slot

    Bought one rn
  5. Verdun

    Buying cj slot

    I am buying a cj slot for £25 hmu with offers
  6. Id like to say that corpse is a really nice person to be around and a solid staff member.
  7. Verdun

    Mod rank on forums.

    Sign out does not appear.
  8. Verdun

    Mod rank on forums.

    Yes. ive also relogged forums. Would be easier if like a super admin changed me to it on the forums.
  9. Can someone change me to the Mod rank on the forums because it doesn't seem to have done it, thank you.
  10. Whenever I try to turn a corner when bhopping I lose a lot of speed. Can someone tell me how I avoid this?