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    Staffing, eating good food, spamming Toast to play BTDB2, insulting pony

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    Selling Riot

    up your prices mane, sell for 45 😎
  2. Nexon


    Toast has helped me and other staff numerous times. All recommendations for Toast. (stale bread man)
  3. Nexon


    he plays fallout so i agree
  4. Venice is very cool i like him
  5. +support he sucks bottom text
  6. yelled at sprickles +support
  7. Nexon


    hydra has my utmost respect for joining EB when it was dead and also because he's a fucking legend
  8. you call it naughty words, he calls it every day dictionary or a small amount of trolling
  9. IG Name: Nexon Selling: Rebellion CJ Slot Description: It's that job that the owner sells, except I'm selling the slot for cheaper because I don't play cloud anymore Price: 20£ + fee (5£) Payment method(s): Strictly Paypal Other comments: DM me on discord at Nexon#5724 as I do not look on the forums often.
  10. Nexon

    looking for a gang!

    join shk (contact me or 1nfection for an invite in game, on forums or on our forum post)
  11. @MarkPlays Great mod, great guy, very cool and chill in general. Pleasant to play with. All reccomendations.
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