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  1. Arian

    Inv reset thingy

    that's a huge rip, did anyone get refunded or nah? @Avionix
  2. Arian

    Inv reset thingy

    yo just saying forgive me if this has already been solved I just haven't been on the forums/in game for almost a year; has this been fixed yet? (you can come up with the typical "you don't play why would you care", but I still had items which were quite rare nd not playing here for almost a year doesn't mean I won't ever return to it)
  3. Arian

    Inv reset thingy

    so a few months ago something happened that a lot of stuff from our inventories were wiped. roast said he knows what we had and we'll be given them back, but we haven't got them back. I had an extremely rare item in my inv which was wiped. any news on that??
  4. Ahahah dumb voting everything I do cos I wiped your IGM lol

    1. Arian


      The only things I voted dumb were things I thought were stupid. Only 2 cases, clearly not everything. Are you retarded or something? Go cry about it don't bother me I couldn't care less

  5. Arian

    i donated

    https://gyazo.com/c6db1cfa9845fe9d8d28f62531518876 yes me donate too where my tokens is please?????????????????????????????????????
  6. Arian


    I completely agree This dudes amazing, dont know why he hasn't got admin yet tbh
  7. Arian


    Your date is wrong bruv, it's not 1st April yet #RIPJamal
  8. To be honest, nomad was amazing sometimes, but sometimes he was bad, and I mean, really biased and bad at his role, yet imo he wouldn't be classed as a bad CM overall, it's just that @proxy is really good.
  9. Tbh, think about the amount of work our current past community managers have done, how inactive active they were, how helpful and rude friendly they were, now we got @proxy, the kind of CM that in my opinion CG needs. Just take a quick look at what he's done since he's became the community manager, it's like double what other CMs did for the entire time they were CM ( excluding @Bodman, so you know who we're left with ) tl;dr - Proxy is the best CM that CG has ever had, I think.
  10. Stfu no one likes you I agree, Dandy is very professional and friendly.
  11. Arian

    form help

    I vanish
  12. Arian


    Hold on hold on, are you saying the reason ain't good? If I change the reason would it be fine?
  13. I would also like to recommend @Minimalist due to his great memes and him up voting my posts the reason they are separated topics is bc it says recommend A player not recommend playerS so if I recommend more than 1 it's against the rules
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