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  1. Good stuff, not like chris would need it though as he made clear already 😋
  2. Im very sorry about this ill try to learn from my own mistakes in the future. Sorry for using up so much time. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. To tell you the truth this happened many months ago and I genuinely thought I had missing skill points. Very sorry again.
  3. Thanks for the insight. But this happened a LOOONG time before i made that bug report :/ idk how the database works but i assume it has some date system integrated in. Im sorry if this seems rude but this is just so youd know.
  4. STEAM_0:0:420169339 I bought the first tier of mega weed plant 3 times. Thanks for looking into this ♥️
  5. Im in need of help, after I made the bug report about the skill point issue Im still screwed. I have a bunch of lost skill points and nobody to ask help from. If somebody higher up can either reset every one of my skills or refund me the points, I would be in your debt. If you need to crunch the numbers I can also provide my steam account for proof. Im desperate. I put this here because I have no idea where else to put it.
  6. mason is good man yesyes
  7. Swiggity swooty I want that Rebel-Booty. i am a very poor man with too much time to play gmod.
  8. epic, i was out of things to save for
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