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    Hydra's Store

    Marine Price lowered to £25
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    Hydra's Store

    Hydra's Store Egg: Weapons: Shadow Daggers - Mac10 - Winchester 73 - AK-47 - Barret M82 - Ares Shrike - Double Barrel Shotgun - Ithaca M37 - PKM - Mossberg - M14 - Winchester 1897 - Matador Sweps: Unarrest baton - Police Shield - Magic Sword - Climb SWEP - Bhop SWEP - Camo SWEP - Disguise Kit - Medic Kit - Hack Phone - Hammer - Pro Lockpick - Keypad Cracker Abilities: 100 Armor - Raid PD - Raid Bank - Build on the streets - Mug People - Kidnap People - Grow Weed - Brew Moonshine - DJ Equipment - Take Hits - £150 Salary Price: SOLD Pm me on discord: Hydra#8722 Gman: Weapons: Magic Sword, Damascus, Ithacam37, USAS, SVT40, DEAGLE, AW50, AMD65, m1918bar, Glock, SVD Dragunov. 3 Russia, Model 500, Val, MP40, Winchester 1897 Sweps: Active Camouflage ,Climb SWEP, Bhop SWEP, Hack-phone, 100 Armour, Unarrest Baton, Medkit, Hammer, Bugbait, Disguise Abilities: DJ Equipment, Bitcoin miner, Weed, Moonshine, Meth equipment, Special arms dealer, Hits, Hired as guard, Raid PD, Raid Bank, build on the street. Price: SOLD Pm me on discord: Hydra#8722 Marine: Weapons: Pancor Jackhammer, SPAS 12, Double Barrel, AI AW50, Winchester 1897, Ithaca, Dlore, PKM , Matador Sweps: Climb SWEP, 150 Armour, Arrest/Unarrest Baton, Battering Ram, Stun-stick, Weapon Checker, Shield, Magic Sword, Medkit, Camo Swep, Disguise Kit, BHOP Swep. Abilities: Act as Civil Protection, Act as S.W.A.T Sniper, Ability to build on the street. Price: SOLD Pm me on discord: Hydra#8722