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  1. If your looking for quick, fast and efficient sales for CJ's and anything, hes your man, was easy to deal with and all over a top person. So i recommend him, friendly chap! Would happily use again.
  2. I recommend Artivus because hes the only person who's took me in on there gang, looked after me, helped me gain money and skill and always there for me, his gang feels like a brotherhood and without him and his crew it wouldn't be possible. So just want to thank this player for the politeness and dignity he has shown towards me, i commend him as a friendly GMOD player, CG has the best players overall that is a FACTTTTT!
  3. Cxnnor

    Rank problem..

    Just done !checkrank in game and it set me to VIP when i have UltVip,, Also, my UltVip status doesnt show up here on the website if thats a thing, my in game name is Connor and my steam ID is STEAM_0:0:448096864
  4. Cxnnor

    Load CG

    This box pops up, however the target box doesnt? Nevermind this worked thanks a bunch king ❤️
  5. Cxnnor

    Load CG

    Is there a way to have a shortcut on my desktop to load straight into CG server rather than loading gmod normally?
  6. I recommend Big Bum as a good business partner, effortless transaction and very loyal and also very calm, I was struggling to get a Steam Key and he was reassuring saying no rush and stuff and helping me out. I recommend him if you want to buy a slot of his or anything he sells!
  7. Who isn't a pleb now a days though Overall a decent person, that's all that matters!
  8. @Kebo / Kira is such a friendly staff and friendly player, always coming to say hi to me, always helping me out and generally uplifting and kind, thanks Kira ❤️
  9. Cxnnor

    Selling Hairy

    This looks good, what's the DJ equipment give you?
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