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  2. IC-0N

    1.11 Confusion.

    Alrighty. I Get It Now. The Admin Sit Area Means I Cant Self Defend As Its A RP Zone And If I Loose Anything I Just Make A Refund Report. Thanks For Explaining Everyone.
  3. IC-0N

    1.11 Confusion.

    Alright. So I'm In A Sit Right And The Dude Who I Reported Shot Me So I Pulled Out An AK And Killed Him. Then I'm Jailed For 1.11? Can Someone Explain What Exactly Did I Do Wrong As It Was Self Defense? Sorry I Just Dont Get How I've Done Something Wrong In This Scenaro. Clip : https://streamable.com/uliyzo Thanks And Regards, Tret.
  4. Yo Why You Looking Here

  5. IC-0N

    Buying Rebelion.

    Hello, I Shall Be Intrested In Buying Rebelion For 15-20 GBP. Paypal Only. Template Shall Follow: IG Name: RA MOTRA Tret. Buying: Rebelion CJ Description: I Dunno, I Wanna Buy Rebelion. Trusted Buyers Only. Looking to pay: 15-20 GBP Payment method(s): Paypal Only. Other comments: I Shall Be Not Too Active This Week So Sorry On Delay For Replys. Thank You.
  6. I Have Sent You A Friend On Discord. Sorry, I Have Realised How Much The Exchange Will Be And Will Not Be Intrested. Sorry.
  7. Hello! Are You Still Selling This By Chance?
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