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  1. Selling IG Name: Copium Selling: Order 17 Gang Description: Level 15 + All useful upgrades Price: Negotiable Payment method(s) : IGM Other comments: DM me on forums or discord if you are interested
  2. Very impressive store, wish you all the best @Mommy!
  3. @EYEBOBLER great lad can confirm.
  4. Copium

    Vice's City

    Good luck with the store !
  5. Copium

    Camille's shop

    Great shop, good luck!
  6. Copium

    Selling Exile

    Price update: 35£ --> 30£
  7. Copium

    Selling Exile

    | 40? Just buy from ryan Ryan is selling for 45£.
  8. Copium

    Selling Exile

    Selling IG Name: Copium Selling: Exile Description: Price: 35£ (You pay the fee as well) Payment method(s): Bitcoin Other comments:
  9. Buying IG Name: Copium Buying: Brute/Exile/Blaze Description: Looking to pay: 30£ (+ 5£ fee) Payment method(s): CSGO/TF2/DOTA2 skins (Anything tradable through steam as well) Other comments: Regarding the payment, you can choose whatever skins you want from the steam market. Feel free to PM me on forums for counter offers.
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