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  1. each individual flip will always be 50/50, yes, that's obvious, and there's always the small chance of a complete loss which is to be expected as it's gambling. the point is that the chances of losing in your scenario is 1/128 which is 0.7% and the chances of making a 100k profit is 99.3%. it's a good chunk of money that's nothing to sneer at and if it's not enough, you can always increase the initial bet or triple it once after the first bet. if the risk outweighs the rewards is something that's completely up to you, but i personally think it's worth it.
  2. you guys aren't seeing the bigger picture. the chances are always gonna be 50/50, sure, but probability changes when it's cumulative. losing 5 flips in a row is very much possible, but highly unlikely as you have to lose the 50/50 five times in a row. if you can afford to lose, using an escalation method to bet can be lucrative. start with a low bet, and if you lose, double it. it might seem very counter-intuitive and you'll lose the money shortterm, but law of large numbers suggests that you'll eventually win your money back and then some. of course, it's entirely possible you run out of money before that point but that would have to either be horrible luck or your own fault for not having a big enough safety net.
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