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  1. update: added exile to the store. should buy it fr
  2. added Brute+ to the store
  3. idk why i wrote that, i dmed u on discord abt it lol
  4. Update: slight overhaul to the store, added @krokie as business partner '
  5. SOLD BALDY!!!!
  6. added UZI to assassin
  7. New assassin owner, removed keepalive as hes an inactive monkey
  8. Mommy

    Selling Brute+

    selling it already😭
  9. Mommy

    Selling Brute+

    since when did you have Brute+ bruh
  10. Mommy

    Dancer store.

    nice store!! gl with dancer
  11. i’ve seen many sell for 20 in the past few months. yes some go for 10-15 but the average price is not 10 lol. my point was that he was judging igm prices compared to rebellion. if we’re saying reb goes for 10, and kairos for 40 then that means kairos is worth 4x the price correct? igm price for reb is 60m average id say. judging off irl prices is it safe to assume kairos for 240m is a reasonable price? no lol that’s absurd. kairos is roughly 120m not everyone advertises on the forums or discord, and even on the forums i’ve seen someone try to sell reb for 25. a lot of ppl rhst i message abt buying reb say they want 20-25. saying that reb is a tenner is absurd
  12. no it doesn’t, reb now sells for around 60 (i’ve seen it sell for 49) and it’s not 30 pounds cheaper, reb from /jobs is 30 pounds, and from other players average price is like 20. some ppl sell it for dirt cheap yes, bjt that’s not the average price
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