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  1. enzo is the superadmin ever STEAM_0:0:92231
  2. Honestly, I dont think @chenn could be a better mod when it comes down to it. Reports sometimes get feisty and this man is on it. Amazing staff, nice and handles reports efficiently. He is a Admin+, but I home to see him go furthur on in the ranks as time goes on.
  3. i had bought rebellion for 10 and sold for 20 lol
  4. if im paying the fee it does
  5. 120mil bit low, rebellion sells for like 75 and thats 30p cheaper
  6. i was gonna sell it for 10£ more and buy marine & rebellion ?
  7. I am selling a kairos slot! Price : 40£ I only take PayPal or IGM Discord : Cloudatreides#7159 or alternatively, /pm me in-game if I’m on, I’ll be happy to negotiate
  8. big +support to my boy @AllayTheWolf i wish u the best of luck when it comes to becoming a potential admin+ for the server, if anyone deserves it, it’s you! ❤️
  9. fixed lmk if anything else needs to be changed
  10. thats not really what its about its about if they were actually arrested unfairly, its really just something to do if you're bored as a mayor
  11. What I believe a good mayor is in DarkRP There are quite a few qualities you need to have as a mayor. One of the main qualities you need to have is being active. Most players will end up voting you out if you are not a efficient mayor, and you will be demoted. Mayor Commands (or alternatively press f4) 1) /addlaw <text> (e.c. /addlaw Printers are illegal) 2) /removelaw number of the following law on the board 3) /resetlaws - reset all laws. What a mayor should always do first - Mayors should always create laws as their first priority You need to be constantly giving people license while selling it to them to make profit in your own hands (Price is usually 5000£-10000£) As a mayor, you must supply your officers with a warrant, make sure the Warrants have valid reasons. What a mayor should do second after everything else is sorted out - 1) You should most likely be out around looking for people to want that are doing things illegally 2) Go out only with Secret Service or SWAT to avoid being mugged or kidnapped 3) Anytime you get the chance make sure to make lotteries. If you want to give yourself more of a cut from loteries do !skills and get the Mayor Lottery skill that makes more profitable lotteries. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (K.O.S - Kill On Sight, A.O.S - Arrest On Sight. If you're struggling with what laws to make here is some examples - Non-Violent crimes shall result in A.O.S Violent crimes will result in K.O.S It is prohibited to buy, sell, trade or use weapons if you do not have a license. Conspiracy of a criminal offense shall result in a weapon check. It is prohibited to enter on government property, trespassers will be arrested. Threatining government authorities will result in A.O.S / K.O.S (repost but its in the right section lmao) edited to make everything better
  12. I can trade you rebellion + no fee
  13. tried to scam me out of my rebellion, dont reccomend helping the dude
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