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  1. bro rlly just didn't even ask me to use my store page that's mad also @Hazard he dont own it i do lmao
  2. IG Name: Dorc79 Selling: Description: this will be a mostly private cp cj and will only have 12 slots Price: £60 Payment method(s) paypal Other comments: my discord is Dorc79 feel free to dm if want to buy or just want to ask questions about the job
  3. he killed my whole family still a great guy
  4. Dorc79

    Seed's Dumb Shop

    ew stinky verified
  5. Dorc79


    so true great dude
  6. Dorc79

    Blight Store

    thats cool now gib me plz
  7. Dorc79

    cj on street

    don't listen to beekid hes a scoundrel
  8. such a good cj definitely would buy it!!! great prince and so good so many good gun no cj compares!!!!! (i did what asked now give me my family back)
  9. the rasta man is quite sexy STEAM_0:1:512711885
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