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  1. Sure, but since it's paid currency, you guys would easily find out if I was lying through logs right? This is not one of those "trust me bro" scenarios, but I get your point. After pressing the missing tokens button I did manage to acquire 1 token, so I got that going for me, which is nice 😏 Edit: Still curious as to why I appeared the way I did (attachment in topic)
  2. I assumed tokendrops were disabled for some reason until I spoke to an admin regarding having 0 balance. It appears I should've gotten tokens every 2H (?) 😂 Anyhow; Tried pressing the missing tokens button obviously, said I didn't have any, so where does that leave me? Been a member on and off since the DarkRP server's launch back in ... 2014 I think? Playtime rapidly increased during covid and as of writing this, I've accumulated a bunch of playtime; CG | You have played for 138:41:46. to be specific 🤪 It sounds like a me problem, but after talking with some staff, this has happened in the past? I dunno, would love to get some tokens tho, they're a fun currency for sure I did attach a screenshot of the results when I try to look up my steam ID in the forums, that too is a weird sight
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