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  1. This is an elite guide. Also super friendly if you need to ask him any questions!
  2. Update: Ithaca M37 Lockpick
  3. Update: Camo Moonshine Keypad Cracker TV
  4. Added to Rasta Man: M14 HL2 Medkit Rob Bank Mug
  5. Congratulations to Greywind who was won the roll with number 32! I have given you the slot IG, now go roll that spliff and shoot some melons!
  6. Hello Cloud Gamers! I am feeling rather generous and would like to give one person in the community a free slot to my RASTA MAN custom job. Rules: Reply to this thread to enter. Do not comment more then once. You may not transfer the slot to anyone in the future you MUST provide your SteamID in your original comment The giveaway will close on Friday 10/06/22 at 18:00 GMT Be Lucky! Click here for more information about Rasta Man
  7. Update: Magic Sword bhop_swep climb_swep
  8. Enzo


    Thanks all it’s good to be back!? RASTA MAN best
  9. It will be live from next restart
  10. RASTA MAN *Verified Job* *Custom Gun* *Remington Revolver that shoots watermelons (exclusive to Rasta Man!)* Sweps Abilities Entities Guns Magic Sword Take Hits Grow Weed Melon Gun Camo Kidnap Moonshine M14 Climb swep Mug TV M249 Para Bhop swep Rob Bank Ithaca m37 HL2 Medkit 100 Armour Lockpick Hackphone Keypad Cracker Price £50
  11. For in-game ranks: If you got this from the token store then use the !checkrank command. If you got this from the old ulx store use check_rank in the console. Forums: To get your rank on the forums please link your forum account to your Steam account under "profile".
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