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  1. 💀Boner Update💀 Genuinely couldn't take it anymore, after days and days without sleep toiling over the name change regretting every second of it I have finally caved and decided to return Boner to its true glory, removing this false name from it and returning it to .Boner
  2. 💀 Free lobotomies with every slot purchased 💀
  3. 💀Boner Update💀 Store now called: Lobotomy Centre Job Name: Old: Boner New: Lobotomite No more 1.13 😄
  4. Goober Store Update: Added: Nothing. Removed: Chief Inspector listing.
  5. He is indeed a fart smella
  6. 💀Boner Update💀 Added: Double Barrel Removed: SR-3M Vikhr
  7. 💀Boner Update💀 Added: RPK Removed: Nothing!! HOORAY!!
  8. 💀Boner Update💀 Added: Camo + Disguise Kit Removed: Nothing!!!!
  9. 💀Boner Update💀 Added: Armor Charger, Weed, Hits + Raid Bank Removed: Casino Entities (cos of money making entity limit 😔)
  10. ye if you buy that it gives you enough points to buy a whole tree. so you could buy all of the bounty hunter skill tree for example.
  11. 💀Boner Update💀 Added: Peacekeeper Removed: Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. 💀Boner Update💀 Added: Scorpion EVO Removed: Nothing!
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