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  1. Goober Store a subsidiary of Boner Store. I am also selling these job slots for job credits! (All Prices are including fee.) 3x Rebellion Slots. 25 Job Credits each. 1x Brute Slot. 40 Job Credits. 1x Shade Slot (Stripped CJ). 10 Job Credits. 1x Polizei Slot. Taking offers on it. (I am willing to sensibly haggle with people on some of these prices.)
  2. Boner __________Owned by: @Cold_Beanz _____________________ Weapons: Ak Vulcan, Damascus Sword Sweps: N/A Abilities: N/A Unverified at the moment Price: £30 Anything higher = Donations to update the job I accept PayPal, UK Bank Transfer and Job Credits as payment! I am also buying Job Credits for IGM. Where to contact me if interested or have any questions: In game name: Cold_Beanz Discord: cold_beanz
  3. The Jacob Rothschild of CG. All CP are on his pay roll.
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