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  1. Updated Store - Added Selling Major Slots - Removed Steven Slots Listing (Still selling slots)
  2. 5 Star Rated Seller, would reccomend.
  3. Well sorry is I was rude but you were not the owner of the base or In the same gang with the owner of the base. 

    But is understand if you don't want me as staff and that's ok. 

    And sorry again for the rule brakes 

  4. Sprickles

    Selling Steven

    I'd suggest that anyone considering this would buy it from the source for £5 more, that way you can support the job and help fund future updates.
  5. Sprickles


    You can’t drop the Satan anymore as it’s perma on @Lucky Ducky custom job
  6. He’ll need the luck
  7. Sprickles

    Buying Steven

    £45 I pay fee
  8. £15 including fee
  9. Rebellion is class.
  10. Sprickles


    I’d agree with @Agent Rebellion is great and often under priced considering how good it is and how versatile it is. I wouldn’t valued Boney anything above 80mil and rebellion can go from 80-120 mil depending on how lucky you are.
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