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  1. @demonostrils owns it not roast
  2. Sprickles

    Lux's purchases

    Before I'd say buy off me but roast's deals on new CJs are just unbeatable what you get for the price is just a great deal.
  3. Hat_data in console or you’re out of luck.
  4. So it's the old meth cook model
  5. This isn't a thing anymore and hasn't been for 4 years better luck next time.
  6. I’ll give a soldier slot to whoever gets mining Pete first
  7. Vikhr upgraded to CSS Mac10 FG42 upgraded to Winchester 73 AK74 upgraded to AK47
  8. hi nig ganger

  9. Sprickles

    Damage Tests

    Could just use an imgur gallery
  10. Sprickles

    Eskimo's Store

    Good to see my old job is still getting some love 💘
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