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  1. I could do rebellion for £25
  2. 53% Socialiser 53% Killer 47% Explorer 47% Achiever
  3. I agree with this. The rule was added specifically so people can't get fucked over especially new players who wouldn't understand the disguise kit. I do not believe an additional rule needs to specify that as the people with CP jobs with disguise kit and not new players and should know better.
  4. Exploiting This is a extended version of the exploiting rule, explaining some of the way people may try to exploit on the server. This list contains most but is not limited to just this list. This list may be edited at anytime so be sure to keep yourself up to date on the lastest updates. General Using the context menu to gain advantage whilst shooting. Using unintended sweps to gain an advantage in mining. Lockpicking/battering ram the elevators . Bypassing mute via in game commands. Using Go-Karts to gain non-rp advantages. Having a custom job command with pre-set in game commands. Placing props in skybox Gaining skill progress from out of rp activities. Use of props to go through impassable barriers. Switching weapons to avoid animations to gain an advantage in combat. Using the death screen in unintended ways. Bypassing demotion in any way. Using hidden console commands. Skill Abuse Civil Protection Stopping bank raid whilst dead as CP. Criminal Mechanics Inflating prices of weed for financial gain. Using camo to mug someone . Putting a hit on yourself to negate wanted status. Bypassing restrictions to complete deliveries. Use of in-game commands to set hits. Avoiding wanted system. Standing within NPCs to avoid being arrested/killed. Turf Bypassing NLR. Using cloak to gain an advantage. Going underground for turf. GoKart on turf. Setting hits on/near turf. Abusing the mutant job in turf. Killing yourself outside turf zone to avoid turf NLR and regain health and armour. Events Any advantage gained using out of event mechanics. Cloaking before events.
  5. Updated Added a happy customer testimony to store page
  6. Could I interest you in tyloo custom job for the low low price of £30 including fee?
  7. Sprickles

    Hobo+ Store

    Hobo+ Description: @Sprickles @Slav King - Weapons: AAC Honeybadger, Browning Auto, Elephant Gun (.950 JDJ) SWEPS: Keypad cracker, Hackphone, Half Life 2 Bugbait, Unarrest Baton Abilities: Can raid PD, Hits, Custom Spawnable Drugs Price: £150 © Template by Rica
  8. Update Changed SVU for SVD Changed Mossberg for Remington 870 Changed TAR21 for Scar Added PKM
  9. removed med_kit added weapon_medkit (the better one)
  10. Sprickles

    my cj cant mug...

    The CJ owner can make a form here
  11. Hey as the owner of the awesome custom job boney I can sell you a slot!
  12. @demonostrils owns it not roast
  13. Before I'd say buy off me but roast's deals on new CJs are just unbeatable what you get for the price is just a great deal.
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