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  2. SELLING FREAKYFRANK SLOTS WEAPONS AS VAL, Double Barrel Shotgun, PSG1, Ithaca M37, CSS Desert Eagle, Crowbar, Milkor, Ak47, Damascus Sword, Fal, Ace gun, Honey Badger, Scar, Magpul PDR, Contender SWEPS Unarrest Baton, Hackphone, weapon_medkit, Disguise kit, Grappling Hook, BHOP Swep, Climb Swep, Hammer, Keypad Cracker, Camo, Magic Sword, Lockpick, Maxwell ABILITIES 100 Armor, Take Hits, Raid Bank, Mug, DJ Equipment, Crypto, Moonshine, Armor Charger, Weed, Special Arms Dealer, Gun Dealer VERIFIED! (new weapons will be added soon!) £30 INC FEE PM ME ON Discord: Crocsoverglocks (Sealzz) PAYPAL ONLY
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