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  1. Terryl

    My Candy cane

  2. Terryl

    My Candy cane

    I'm having the same problem, bought a candy cane in 2016 too. Can we get solid confirmation on whether or not perm npc weps will be returning?
  3. Thias picked up my knife (I was dropping it for a friend) & killed me with it OD. All staff needs to be sent to hell.
  4. Forgot the part where you make friends with a midget & RDM/Abuse him on a regular basis.
  5. ahahaha gg hope you get a refund
  6. Terryl

    The Sims Props

    I said in the original post "I have the prop pack installed on the workshop". That's all the guide you linked says to do. Can you please read the post before replying based on the title?
  7. Terryl

    The Sims Props

    About 2 months ago, I purchased the Sims prop pack off the token store for 24 tokens, & I'm still unable to locate them anywhere in the prop folders? I've tried using the search with keywords such as "sims" but still nothing. I have the prop pack installed on the workshop. Please help I am very afraid for my 24 tokens.
  8. Hello. It is I, Terryl. The well known meme amongst the CloudGaming Community, known for my, subpar height. With this guide, I will show you how to follow in my footsteps & make yourself a living meme on CloudGaming. Step One - Initial Exposure Have your friend expose your height and/or other insecurity. Step Two - Inflation After your height/feature has been exposed, apply for the CloudGaming Staff Team (optional) & use it as a platform to get the absolute shit roasted out of you, birthing a meme into the Community. Photoshop by Wang Step Three - Rise to Power (Optional) Once you have gained a good amount of recognition, go into CloudGaming DarkRP 1, Open OOC chat & say "MIDGET IN DISCORD VC", & join said Voice Chat. Once multiple "followers" are in the voice chat with you, convince them to join MidgetSquad, & start an uprising. Proceed to use said following to harass the server owner by surrounding him & screaming "One of Us" repeatedly. Then get in a call with said MidgetSquad, make an entire Kahoot!™ game based on you & the meme you have created of yourself. Stay up till 5AM with your following & send them pizza when they send their address. Once you have done all steps, proceed to create this guide. Based on a true story.
  9. Just think it over, & come to a decision, once you have, think about the pros & cons of that decision, & choose whether to go through with it or not. Good luck.
  10. Aww stop it you're making me blush.
  11. I agree. I think the lowering of requirements has pushed everyone with potential to finally apply, & thanks to that we have the amazing formation of staff you see. Glad to work with you all. https://gyazo.com/880824962e637a69c6faedea6c2e4845
  12. My personal favourite way: Get your friends to play barbie with you & decorate your jail with props.