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  1. Chiel

    Holm's Store

    nah noseian we're not creepers. we're magma cubes that multiple into a horde of annoying little fuckers
  2. Chiel

    Selling baldy

    Selling IG Name: ᴄʜɪᴇʟ Selling: Baldy Description: Price: £30 (including fee) Payment method(s): Paypal Other comments: N/A
  3. Chiel

    Buy soldir

    I am sell soldir for 100 pound
  4. Chiel

    FPS Boost Guide!

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=693814244 that's what I use to boost fps. for me it nearly doubles my fps so from 150 to like 270.
  5. imo jaz is OD enough (dunno her OD hour ammount) when she goes on duty she's always calm and doesn't let emotions get in the way. we need more people like that *cough* kitten *cough*
  6. Chiel

    Lost my rank

    As Turtle said, type check_rank in console - if that does not work, send roast a PM via the forums w/ your evidence.
  7. Chiel

    Didn't get my tokens

    Yourse probably is a bug, but this guy just can't find the ''get tokens'' button
  8. Chiel

    Didn't get my tokens

    you see the ''exchange'' letters under where it says 15 pounds? click on that massive button.
  9. you can also just easy weld or precision a prop on a wall then precision pull it 66 back from the wall and it works too
  10. I got you next month or a few Days before
  11. Chiel


    I get happy when Meatballz takes my sit because he actually knows how to be efficient.
  12. Chiel

    Buying Cheap CJ

    I O N L Y H A V E 1 0 M I N U T E S L E F T
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