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  1. Freaky was Fortnite before that. it is a haunted cj
  2. how do i do this discordf shit then man? bare confusing
  3. Can i please have some help my dear people of the Cloud. Th link to the base skins download roast put up isn't working for me. how do i get to it now?? help a duck out :(?
  4. this is a great idea my friend
  5. Want to say i think Toast is also doing a great job, comes through quick and hard, does his job and more!
  6. I would like to recommend TauntPT for being a great minge-hunter and the leader of our gang. hes a nice guy and deserves great success.
  7. I just wanted to write this little post quickly before i go to bed. I was on cloud gaming all day today (technically yesterday...) and WarMachine hosted one of his events which i am a big fan of, i don't think enough people show appreciation for high ranked staff members like WarMachine so i just wanted to write this little post thanking him for all of his efforts he puts into CG, So thank you WarMachine and other staff members for all your efforts, have a good week - Lucky Ducky / Sir Lucky im a freak sorry niht love you all *opens console* *types "Kill"* *dies*
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