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  1. Lucky Ducky

    Leevi's Store

    Freaky was Fortnite before that. it is a haunted cj
  2. Hey, i wneed some weapons, sweps and abilities ofr cj's. message me
  3. Lucky Ducky

    Want a CJ !!

    Is anyone Selling Ownership of a Civil Protaction Custom job?? Please let me know. Thanks
  4. Im interested in buying a civil protection Custom job. PM me wacha ya gots
  5. Freaky Frank Ownership - £30 + Transfer Fee SOLD
  6. how do i do this discordf shit then man? bare confusing
  7. Can i please have some help my dear people of the Cloud. Th link to the base skins download roast put up isn't working for me. how do i get to it now?? help a duck out :(?
  8. this is a great idea my friend
  9. Lucky Ducky

    CJ Extras

    I have recently made a fine and dandy purchase. However, my dear friends. I need Weapons and Sweps and Abilities, but i want them as cheap as possible... then in this case, i can make the cj be 100% quicker. will not be OP and will be good job.
  10. Want to say i think Toast is also doing a great job, comes through quick and hard, does his job and more!
  11. I would like to recommend TauntPT for being a great minge-hunter and the leader of our gang. hes a nice guy and deserves great success.
  12. Starting in the second week of july i will be on the look out for purchasing ownership of a custom job. Needs: . 2 or more slots . camo Preferably i would also want it to have: . Any weapon . hackphone . Raid tools
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