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  1. Azarav

    Selling Baldy

    IG Name: Azarav Selling: Baldy Description: Price: 30£ including transfer fee Payment method: PayPal
  2. IG Name: UM Azarav Buying: Rebellion/Baldy Description: Looks like a pretty good custom job Looking to pay: Rebellion: 25 GBP including fees | Baldy: 30 GBP including fees  Payment method(s): PayPal Other comments: - @Ice Cube Closed bought Baldy from Krazy
  3. Azarav


    Terminator is reserved
  4. Azarav


    Updated Prices
  5. Azarav


    Im sure the new terminator owner will fix the hitbox.
  6. Azarav


    selling terminator 30 gbp
  7. Azarav


    terminator sold
  8. That hurts my feelings ;( lenny
  9. Selling TERMINATOR slot for 30 GBP IG Name: UM AzaravSelling: 30 GBP (Including transfer fee) Payment Method: Paypal only [-] CJ Features/Description Custom Model 100 Armor Bhop SWEP Active Camouflage SWEP (Invisibility SWEP) Climb SWEP 2 Disguise Kit Magic Sword Hackphone Crossbow Dragunov SVU Build on the streets Hitman Menu 6.20 Terminator You may team up and help out other hitmen. You may not enforce the law. You may build on the streets. You may raid. You can base with anyone. Terminator CJ can: Base, Raid and complete hits If you would like to purchase this slot, you can pm me in game or on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/azarav/
  10. I'll buy it for 27 GBP (32,25 EUR) I will send it on paypal if you accept this.
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