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  1. Look, I get it might be breaking a rule, but honestly it bothered nobody, Everyone in our base just thought it was pretty funny, Sometimes people just forget its RP and it was just refreshing to see what he did !:)
  2. Never seen this guy before but I was on tonight and we had a big gang in a base and a guy called "Keyboard" Was on with another person as swat, Me and my friend looked outside after they warranted us and we saw this :)! a "Police Line" around my base, It's a small thing but I've never seen anyone do it before and just liked to see that some swat members dont just like killing for any reason :)! Fair play Keyboard!0
  3. @i30delta Sorry mate, this should've been in when I posted it, I must have just skipped past without noticing. Thanks for letting me know
  4. Firstly, this is my first guide so it's not going to be the best. Secondly, This guide is only here to put all the money making methods together, there are other guides that go into the depths of each method that will be talked about in this guide and I will link them down below. A basic guide to making money: First method: Printers Printers are the most straight forward way of making money, You spawn and printer and every minute it drops money. To spawn go into your F4 Menu > Entities > Select the printer you want to spawn. As a new player, you will have access to 3 printers: Normal | Advanced | Professional. Most jobs are allowed to spawn printers but make sure you check the rules before spawning one if you are unsure Here is a link to @aza10119 guide to printers, It goes into depth and tells you how much money you make per hour, It's a really good guide and I highly recommend you check it out if you want to learn more about the topic! Aza10119 Printer Guide Second Method: Cooking Meth This Method requires you to become a specific job, The "Meth Cook" As this job you have the access to new entities in your F4 Menu, These are what you are going to use to cook the meth. Cooking meth may seem daunting a first but it's pretty basic once you do it a couple of times it also gives a lot of money! (Meth cooks can also spawn printers and have them making money at the same time you are cooking meth) How to cook meth: Firstly: You are going to need a basic base set up, this is because cooking meth is illegal and you can't exactly do it in the public eye, It's also to stop greedy raiders from taking all your meth. Just search "Basic dark RP base build" on youtube to see how to set up your first base. Secondly: Actually making the meth. Here is a youtube video on how to make meth: Meth Video. The reason I gave a youtube video is cause personally, I find it easier to learn from videos and being shown what to do rather than it being explained, But If you want me to give a guide myself then just let me know Third: When you cook your meth it will pop out of the pot once you click on the pot when it says the meth is ready. This will stay on you even if you die, you then go sell the meth to the druggie. Here is a guide to map callouts on the server Avionix's Map callouts guide . As you can see the druggie's location is circled on the map as 6. Some tips for making meth: Building a base near the druggie is helpful because when you sell him your meth it will make you wanted and the Police/Swat can arrest you if they see you. Also @xX_AgentDZ_XxHas an amazing guide that gives you all the keybinds for each meth entity, Here is the guide: Key Bind Guide Basic info on Meth: Money: For selling 1 Meth crystal you will be paid $36,000 | Meth takes 7.5 Minutes too cook Third Method: Moonshine Brewing For this Method, you will have to become the "Moonshine Brewer" Job in F4 Jobs menu. Making moonshine is pretty straight forward, All you do Spawn The Brewery and them Drop the 2 other Moonshine ingredients into it. Moonshine Takes 3 minutes to brew and instantly gives you $6000 When done. Moonshine Brewers can also have printers while brewing moonshine. Fourth Method: Mining To mine you have first goto the mine, this is in the area circled and marked as "2" on the map, also known as residentials on the map. If you still cant find it just ask another player on the street, I'm sure they would be glad to help When you find the mine, you will see there is a NPC standing beside it, you click on this NPC and buy your pickaxe from them, this is also where you will later sell your valuable resources you have collected from mining! You can use an autoclicker for mining but YOU CAN NOT BE AFK WHEN DOING SO. If you are caught AFK at the mine you will be punished, you can't just turn on your autoclicker and then leave your PC, you need to be at your PC if you are using autoclikcer to mine. I mine a lot when the server is a low pop, and I can tell you ADMINS/MODS REGULARYL CHECK THE MINE FOR PEOPLE AFK. Here is a link to @i30delta mining guide! It's well made and very easy to understand i30delta Mining Guide This is a link to the AutoClicker I use: AutoClicker. With the way mining works on cloud you have to click, then give time to find the resource. You can't just spam click basically, So if you do decide to use an autoclicker make sure you set the "Click Interval" Too 2.5 seconds, this gives enough time for a gem to be found. Thank you for reading my guide CloudGaming is the best DarkRP community I have been a part of and I hope you enjoy your time on the server! Like I said this is just a basic guide, there are many more ways of making money on the server, these are just the methods you can "grind" I want to thank all the other users for making their guides that I have linked above, make sure you give them some support for the helpful guides they have created! regul
  5. Hey, I made my gang a really long time ago and I was just wondering is there any way I can change the name of my gang or if an admin isnt busy would they be able to change it ? No problem if there is no way to change the name I was just thinking
  6. Hey, So like it says in the title, i cant place more than 12 props. I dont know why this happened I just came on and noticed it was only letting me place 12 props while making a base, is there anyway someone can help me with this ? Thank you