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  3. I have to agree with Draken, English is very dedicated towards the staff team. He is always here when needed .
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    Lowered the price down to 35 for Exile. Now selling Custom Job too 45. Both of them include fee.
  5. ⚡️Advanced Duplicator⚡️ The advanced duplicator is being used by most of the players on the server. It is used to save and paste bases, printer racks, small houses, checkpoints and many more. Let's say you're a new player on the server and you might want to save your base or the little hut you've built for yourself. You need to have 2 hours of gameplay(on our server) before you can access the advanced duplicator. You will have to access it in the Q menu. It will be under "Tools" and then "Construction". And it looks like this: How to use it? It is quite simple. Right click on the prop you want to duplicate: After you have copied it you can left click and it will spawn the prop where it is ghosted, just as in the image above. If you want to copy multiple things there are 2 options to this. 1.) Area copy it. And it goes like this: Hold shift+right click, until everything turns green. After everything is green you can easily right click once again and it should copy all the props you wanted. ! Note: In order to copy all the props you have, make sure you have the "Area radius" set to maximum. ! 2.) Use weld tool First of all I will tell you where the weld is. It is in "Tools" and "Constraints". After you find it you select it. You must weld all the props together(left click on the first prop, left click on the second one and so on), make sure you double check everything is welded before actually trying to duplicate. After you did that you will now pull out your Advanced Duplicator tool and right click on one of the props which you have welded together earlier. If they're welded together correctly, you should have a perfect dupe. How to save a dupe? After you copied it, head to the desired dupe folder in the Q menu, and right click on the folder you want it to be saved in. It will look like this: If you want to paste a base down You will have to check "Paste at original position" as shown below: In this case I was not using a base and I didn't have to place the props at the original position. And that is why I didn't have it checked out. There are moments when the welds tend to break and might destroy your builds. Don't worry about that and just try and paste it without constraints(un-check the "Paste with constraints" box). By default the duplicator will try to paste everything down welded. When pasting without constraints you will lose the welds, meaning you won't be able to copy it. Why should you use Advanced Duplicator? Advanced Duplicator saves a lot of time when building something. You will only have to do it once and then you can use it for the rest of your life . Just imagine having to build the same base over and over again every time you log into the server. It would take ages. And would be quite boring. Location of the dupes in your computer MacOS 🍎 First of all, go to your desktop. On the top left corner of your screen you will see "Go", click on it. After you clicked on "Go" you will have a bunch of options, you will have to choose "Go to Folder". After you clicked on it, it should look like this: In there you will have to type the following thing: ~/Library/Application Support It will take you to a very waste folder in which you will have to find "Steam". After you find the "Steam folder" you will have to follow the numbers in the scheme shown bellow: (Sorry for the huge image size, I couldn't lower it ) Now that you got yourself to the dupe folder location, you can share your dupes with the other people of the community and friends. Now obviously there is another way, much more easier, via steam. Right click on Garry's Mod and it will look like this: Click on properties, it will take you to Garry's Mod properties, where you will have to click on "Local files": Here click on "Browse local files" and after that it will take you to Garrysmod folder, step #4 above, and it looks like this: Follow the steps in the first part of the location for the final location. Windows 🖼 There is already a guide on this made by @Gabriel. Here's the link to it: Thanks for reading this rather long guide that I've tried to make. Hopefully I've helped someone with this. Let me know below!
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    Sure, I'm coming on to help @Axerfen now.
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    Sure thing, I'll come up in a few minutes.
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    I got the same issue as you. There are a few materials which I just can't find and use. For that I use a material palette(made by someone who has the material) which has 6 materials I commonly use for building including this nice wood too. I don't know how to fix this as I have the same problem not only on my laptop, but on my main PC too. If you want I can give you that dupe so you can use that material
  9. hows things?

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    25 you pay fee + I'll tell Noseian not to beat you.
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    🤖NPC GUIDE🤖 In this guide I will be showing you all the locations for the NPC's on Cloud Gaming and what they are good for. Enjoy! Locations of the NPC's The NPC's are scattered all around the map, placed tactically for a balanced role-play action and obviously for a little bit of challenge. Who doesn't like a little bit of a challenge? Now that I showed you where all the NPC's are, I will be explaining what does every NPC do. Gangs NPC The gangs NPC is situated in spawn, for easy access and it basically does the same thing as the /gang command does. It shows you basic information about your gang such as level, members, etc. ------------------------------------------ Token Store NPC The token NPC is next to the Gangs NPC, showed earlier, it does the exact same thing as /store, showing multiple things in the token store. Such as token flips, your inventory(hats, perma guns, extra props, etc.) ------------------------------------------ Title Shop NPC Something "new" this time, the title shop allows you to buy yourself a title, such as "Boss, Pussy Slayer, Weaboo" or even custom titles which are a bit more expensive but you could put your favourite quotes as your title for example. Furthermore you can add an effect to your title, which can change the whole game, from a simple title all the way to a really fancy, moving and turning title. ------------------------------------------ Deliveries NPC The deliveries NPC is situated a little bit further away from spawn, interacting with him you will launch his interface in which you will see multiple kinds of drugs for you to take all the way over to Gazza, more about Gazza later on this guide. Taking all these deliveries to Gazza not only will result in you making some money, but you can actually increase your skills. (for e.g. Coke 9000 - Getting to Gazza will double the sum, 9000x2=18000) ------------------------------------------ Mason Mason has only one use, he will buy the gold bars you steal from the bank. If you don't have any gold on you he will be very angry, so what are you waiting for, go raid the bank! ------------------------------------------ Bail NPC The NPC situated in front of PD is really easy to use, press E on her and she will show you who currently arrested. For a price of 15000 you can un-arrest a selected person. ------------------------------------------ Gazza He is one of the mostly used NPC's of the map. Situated in the industrial district of down town, he will accept any kind of drugs you have(weed, all delivery drugs). This is actually the guy you need to deliver the coke to. Be careful because after you gave him the drugs you will be wanted, so keep an eye out for CP's. ------------------------------------------ Meth Addict This is the oldest NPC on Cloud Gaming, you need to bring him Crystal Meth(the blue stuff you get from doing meth). He will pay you good money for it. Be really careful because you will be wanted after you sell your meth to this NPC too. ------------------------------------------ Gertrude She is situated right in the mines, she is the NPC you sell all your finds in the mine(gold, silver, etc.). Also she can craft a lot of guns which unfortunately aren't permanent. (for e.g. Ares Shrike, etc.) ------------------------------------------ Vinny's Vehicles Vinny is on the beach, relaxing and trying to provide you with some fun. The Go-kart, it is pretty expensive tho, 50.000.000, everyone will be jealous on your kart. Good luck farming that money! ------------------------------------------ The Closet This closet isn't an NPC, but it is quite helpful if you want to change your player model. You have quite a large amount of models you can choose from. Thank you for reading my guide, I am actually mad because all of these screenshots turned out so bad... anyways I hope this will be helpful in the future!
  12. Jimmy is doing an amazing job as a moderator, I think he fits good for a shameless promotion Good luck from the priest!
  13. @konstans I think it's time to take some notes and actually learn how to do it
  14. 🗑Dumpster Locations🗑 After seeing multiple people needing the locations of the dumpsters, I have decided to make a guide, based on personal knowledge, helping out people who actually go for dumpster diving. Without furthermore talking let's get into business. Some of you might ask yourselves, "Well dude, what do we get when we open dumpsters?", to this I answer that you could get: ● Honey Badger ● Lockpick The chances of you actually getting one of those is really low, so don't get disappointed if you don't get is really fast. Now that I gave you a little insight of the actual dumpsters which most of you already knew, let me show you the actual locations on the map. Dumpster #1: Dumpster #2: Dumpster #3: Dumpster #4: Dumpster #5: ❗️Final note❗️ There are a lot more dumpsters around the map, but unfortunately they won't give you anything. One quick example is here: 💡Thank you for reading this guide, I hope I could be helpful💡 Huge thanks to @Sofoklo & @Gabriel for their photoshop skills
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