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  1. Whats the exchange rate of £ to $ then?
  2. Doubt hell get anything because someone else has the tokens and without knowing who, they cant be removed.
  3. Small suggestion; at the top where you talk about going to the application form, link the application form. Otherwise, looks good.
  4. 80% Explorer 60% Socialiser 47% Achiever 13% Killer
  5. Wait till we tell him how to lose 1bil in 5 seconds 😳
  6. The Real Duck

    CJ Stuff

    Do we get all 35 of the listed slots for that one amazing price?
  7. Are you aware that the only job with SWAT Sniper rules now is SWAT Sniper? Good luck on your search
  8. Hk416 (SWAT Leader gun), CSS USP and CSS M4A1. They’re the only ones I can think of but I imagine theirs more. also thanks babe
  9. Nah, you're more north than me
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