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  1. Yeah I know I have a shit business sense but oh well.
  2. Dropped price to £65 because no one joined the communist regime (big sad)
  3. Ah, you see, using our money I will make this job the greatest!
  4. ѕσνιєт Description: Owner(s):@The Real Duck The number of slots for this job will NOT be limited. Anything in Orange is exclusive to this job only. My hope is to make this a strong custom job with lots of exclusive content so it sticks out from the rest. Weapons: CSS AK47 - SVT40 SWEPS: Disguise - 100 armour Abilities: Complete hits - Raid Bank - Build on streets (act as hobo) You can base and raid with anyone and you cannot enforce the law. Price: £65 (PAYPAL Only) Message Duck#9136 for more info © Template by Rica 2021 ®
  5. Shit! He hacked the mainframe!
  6. Current bid: £95 Lowest bid: £15
  7. The Real Duck


    Selling IG Name: Duck Selling: The last Armed Police slot to exist (at least for a long time). Description: Notably it exclusively has the AN-94 with burst fire enabled. It also has the Ithaca, SWAT Sniper rules, disguise kit, cloak, medkit (20hp at a time) and 150 Armour with a plan for future updates including some more exclusive stuff. Price: The slot is basically being auctioned so message me on discord (Duck#9136) with the price you'd pay (minimum £45) and on 19/11/2021 at 15:00 (UK Time) the slot will be sold to the highest offer. Payment method(s): PAYPAL ONLY. Other comments: This will be the last slot we produce for a long time, to keep it private. Of course if the slot is yours then you can do what you will with it (keep it or sell it on). This post will be updated with the current highest bid as often as I can (all offers will be kept anonymous until the slot is sold). I'd appreciate it if all offers were serious thanks! SLOT SOLD
  8. I'd buy Ducky ownership depending on what you'd want for it
  9. Could you inform me on how to do that, i wasnt sure how or i would have gone straight there
  10. The Real Duck


    So I understand that the servers rule on Tokens is there is not refund, but I have just done a stupid and rather than buying 126, I got 840 and didn't even check, is it possible to come to some sort of agreement on a refund?