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  1. We can't refund tokens based on poor advice from some random person in-game.
  2. Noseian


    Do !checkrank in game and it'll set your rank to VIP.
  3. Use the template and write something which isn’t AI generated.
  4. Noseian


    He got hacked himself.
  5. Please stop making posts for the same thing. Just edit your previous post.
  6. Don’t worry. Something is in development for this
  7. Noseian

    strict terms

    Please can you DM me your steam Id on discord. My discord is "noseian".
  8. Noseian

    CJ problem

    Please can you DM me on discord please. My discord is noseian.
  9. We don’t have logs that go back that far to check if an account has played the server. Furthermore we can’t do rank transfers either.
  10. Yeah there's no logs that go back that far. Unless you know the steam name we can't really do anything.
  11. We don't issue refunds for these sort if issues as it is not a server issue that had caused it. Sorry.
  12. Hi, please message @roast on the forums and he’ll be able to help out.
  13. Noseian

    2 queries

    Yes. It’s a skill which can be used for RP. Same with DrugESP. Fuck knows.
  14. No real point on closing threads unless they're Suggestions/Bug reports/Staff Applications etc. Only Super Admins and above and @15inb can lock posts.
  15. It did but at the same time, people could get around this using 45 degree angles or something. So any turn no matter how small is counted as 1 turn
  16. No, even if it’s 45 degrees or whatever it’s still a turn. There’s no minimum angle for a turn as then it would lead to someone only making 45 degree turns and having a maze base.
  17. Neither, both have 3 turns. Each turn, even 45 degree or whatever is a turn
  18. That's not the point thought. For RDM to be proven we have to have a sit in order to judge if they did RDM you. 99% of the time, NLR will be up by that point. I totally understand it is frustrating but at the same time, if we were just to allow people to break NLR if they were RDMed. What if the person didn't actually RDM? It just leads to a messy situation which is best left unexplored.
  19. What a geezer, big up @OhSweetMurder
  20. Holy Hell you're alive ❤️ 

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    2. Noseian


      Haha, yeah we should mate. 100% need a catchup like. I've been playing on and off for around 4/5 years now. Should defo hop on for a bit 

    3. Chippe


      Great, just checked and I still have you on steam so will continue communication there :D 

    4. Bodman


      Happy new year!

  21. Because it’s a paid currency. It’s one of the ways the server makes money and keeps running.
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