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  1. Store Updated - Warden Slot Reserved for "the cum man". (also now accepting csgo skins)
  2. fart STEAM_0:0:92238065
  3. Warden Description: @Slav King Warden Weapons: HK 416 - Elephant Gun - Mac 10 - M249 SWEPS: Arrest Baton - Unarrest Baton - Stun Stick - Weapon Checker - Battering Ram - Police shield - Medkit - Grappling Hook Abilities: 100 Armour - Act as civil protection (RESERVED FOR CUM MAN) £90 including fee PM Me On Discord If Interested - Chxf_#1916
  4. I am Raffling off a Tyloo custom job slot for £1 per entry - DM me on either this or on discord (Chxf_#1916) if you are interested. Winner will be randomly chosen on Tuesday the 19th at 5pm (GMT+1). (Raffle will commence subject to number of entries)
  5. Chef

    how to ban apeal?

    Follow the format linked here: https://cloud-gaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/forms/4-ban-appeal-application/
  6. Chef


    Only seeing this now thanks my friend ❤️
  7. i paid for 2.5mil in the donation store the payment has been completed but it has not went through the donation page to the server. i have proof if needed.
  8. Haha speaking of chaos remember that guy chef that saved the server last night
  9. Thanks dude i really appreciate it
  10. Chef


    agreed great staff member
  11. thanks dude appreciate it
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