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  2. Shax


    wait are you the pepega?
  3. Shax

    Holm's Store

    NOT a Diamond Pickaxe ? SO SAD
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      If this is true then -Support
  5. If anyone has second thoughts of getting Minion - I was in the same shoes, but I bought it and I have zero regrets. Go for it!Why? Minion is an amazing CJ to have, as it has big collection of weaponry and entities. Earning money has never been this easy.Also to mention, raiding is really smooth with the kit.Speaking of the owner, @_RzVibration will guide you through the whole transaction and will make everything easy and understandable for you, and on top of that, he's giving a gift upon you owning Minion, what else you can wish for? Superb CJ to own, I am really satisfied - 11/10.
  6. Shax

    Gmod launch glitch

    log out and log into steam again?
  7. Shax

    Lost my rank

    As MotiPuikko was correctly saying, type check_rank in console - if that does not work, send roast a PM via the forums w/ your evidence.
  8. You have just fucked up your profile.

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