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    League of Legends - Competitive Scene (Mainly).
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Competitive/Ranked Play.
    WarCraft III - Classic RTS.
    They Are Billions - Fresh look to an RTS game.
    Legion TD 2 - Good Tower Defence game.
    Garry's Mod - DarkRP & TTT.
    Factorio - Good little sandbox game.

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  1. Toast


    Take care of yourself, Mr doge. I never really met you properly as I'm inactive as shit but you seem like a good guy.
  2. Toast

    Missing materials

    Yeah it's strange why some people don't have it. I have gmod and css installed and I always have the extra materials.
  3. Toast


    I'm not sure what the bind for bhop is but yes you can bind it. Edit found it. https://cloud-gaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/20036-weapon-binds/
  4. Toast


    @mr.doge https://youtu.be/AywmnZBY_i0
  5. Toast

    Buying CJ

  6. Read the requirements here: Then apply here if you meet them: https://cloud-gaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/forms/3-staff-application/
  7. I would say talk to Mr Big Nose Cunt @Chriss and see if he can sort you out something for a bit more IGM. As I posted this, he also commented, I hate you Chris.
  8. Missed out quite a lot of CJs :^) Can't quote you Paulina but yes, I was just memeing.
  9. Toast

    Clarification on rules

    But the rule states you must give them a warning UNLESS they pull out a weapon. So if they have a weapon out before, the rule states you MUST warn them before KOSing. So maybe adjust the rule to state something like "If they have a weapon out, you may KOS" or something.
  10. Toast

    Selling blaze

    @Ice Cube @Sprickles @15inb This has been filled with shit posts, can you remove the irrelevant comments please.
  11. Toast


    Dirty yank stole all my land and oil.
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