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    League of Legends - Competitive Scene (Mainly).
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Competitive/Ranked Play.
    WarCraft III - Classic RTS.
    They Are Billions - Fresh look to an RTS game.
    Legion TD 2 - Good Tower Defence game.
    Garry's Mod - DarkRP & TTT.
    Factorio - Good little sandbox game.

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  1. Toast

    Holm's Store

    Spooder the dubai oil Prince.
  2. Hi toast

    1. Toast


      Hi Havoc

  3. Exile sold to @Cpt Price
  4. Sale: My Exile slot is reduced from £40 to £30. Message me on Steam or Forums if interested.
  5. You still have to unsubscribe otherwise they will just redownload.
  6. You're not gonna get it for £15. It's a CP Custom Job that can compete with the Criminal CJ's. Unless someone is super desperate for money, you've got no chance.
  7. Pretty sure Rebellion is like £35 or 30 directly from roast. Nvm, didn't see the red text FeelsBadMan.
  8. Type check_rank in console. If that doesn't work then try find the payment on PayPal and screenshot it and send it in a Forum PM to Roast + Jamie.
  9. Toast

    Buying Rebellion

    Different Cpt Price, the one that you replied to has been in the community longer than the other one that is mod.
  10. AFK/Farm tokens and buy Insurgent, there's your free CJ.
  11. Toast

    Buying boney

    Rebellion is very good, was just doing a bit of self-promotion
  12. Toast

    Buying boney

    Dead job, owner 1: Noseian is forum and discord banned which means he can't update the job (at least not efficiently). Owner 2 is some dude who never plays anymore and refuses to sell his co-ownership to someone who will do something with the job. I recommend buying Exile or Steven (or whatever it's now called).
  13. Toast

    Leevi's Store

    There is no £5 fee for selling slots. The post states "slot" not slots. Smh 🤦‍♂️.
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