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  1. Relly is a good guy, better than that Symmij fellow.
  2. I don't remember 100% but it should scan through everything you point it at.
  3. It's used to check bases/buildings for illegal entities, which then gives you a valid reason to raid the property.
  4. This came from Sprickles himself if I remember correctly.
  5. To add on to Slayer's post, if you're missing anything else I'd recommend checking this out.
  6. There is no set in stone method to see what job is verified and which aren't. Your best bet would be to get in contact with my good friend @Flip and he can provide some assistance with his expertise on CG CJs.
  7. Stuck with your stupidity I would say, it wasn't a server fault or a bug, it was user error so I doubt you'd get it refunded.
  8. I would assume it resets all your skills and returns all the SPs equivalent to how much they cost. If it doesn't work like that and it causes you to lose SPs then it'd be best to make a bug report, but you'll never know until you try.
  9. Are you subscribed to the m9k weapons packs on the steam workshop? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=300653696
  10. Toast

    Shooky's Store

    Sounds pretty cool.
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