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    League of Legends - Competitive Scene (Mainly).
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Competitive/Ranked Play.
    WarCraft III - Classic RTS.
    They Are Billions - Fresh look to an RTS game.
    Legion TD 2 - Good Tower Defence game.
    Garry's Mod - DarkRP & TTT.
    Factorio - Good little sandbox game.

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  1. Toast

    Question about donating

    You need to assign a bank card to PayPal. The banks probably block the usage of PayPal for their cards.
  2. Toast

    Please help me

    You need @Turtle or @JamieB to confirm the payment with the owner, then they will set you to your rank where you will be mentored by someone. Contact @DC or @Riph when you have your rank.
  3. Toast

    Custom Jobs

    Still sillizzz then?
  4. Toast

    Custom Jobs

    I think @Sprickles owns Thug now.
  5. Toast

    Cataclysm`s Store

    Boney still sucks.
  6. Toast

    Danny do dah

    Please do.
  7. Toast

    Inv reset thingy

    Roast switched databases and a bunch of shit like inventories were too big to transfer to the new database or something like that and so all inventories were wiped.
  8. Toast

    Just your normal Players

    Logan, you're actually gay. Go back to FIFA.
  9. Toast

    Buying Epic Custom jobs

  10. Toast

    Selling Rebellion

    £10 + fee.
  11. Toast

    Exile Custom Job Slots

    UPDATE: Thanks to a generous donation from @Cataclysm we now have the Glock 18! Also we now will be getting the Barret M82, Winchester 87 (SpinChester) and a Medkit! (As of next custom job restart)
  12. Toast

    Exile Custom Job Slots

    I am proud to announce that I will be helping out @Eskimo and @Cataclysm with this job. Expect a lot of updates in the future and as always, give us suggestions on what you would like to see on the job. RIP Sprickles (Sad Salute)
  13. Toast

    Noseian's Trading Store

    1p cheaper, scam.
  14. Toast

    Holm's Store

    Private Military by @Wiggles has the ability to be hired as a guard.
  15. Toast

    Insurgent Custom Job

    Or you buy the tokens.