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    They Are Billions - Fresh look to an RTS game.
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  1. Yes, lots of people have them. It is 99% safe, you just have to make sure you know where you're buying from. If you're starting out and don't want to pay a fortune I recommend buying Rebellion from the server owner himself here.
  2. As Gavin said, there is a form in the trading section here that you must fill out after purchasing the job from the donation store.
  3. Toast

    Selling CJ: Exile

    Barry does have Exile.
  4. Toast

    Selling CJ: Exile

    Do you have any proof that you own the job? You joined the forums last year and have had literally no interaction at all and I have never seen anyone called Barry on the server, let alone as an Exile.
  5. Toast

    Micspamming is illegal

    If you are allowed to micspam in public then why shouldn't the cops be allowed to arrest you for it? You can be given a KOS warning to stop doing similar things so I don't see this as any different.
  6. As Berty said and I explained this to you in PMs before you resigned that you wouldn't get Ultimate VIP unless you bought it before buying T-Mod.
  7. I dunno mate I think @Riph is better, js.
  8. Toast

    buying exile

  9. Unless you purchased VIP/Ultimate VIP separately before purchasing a staff rank, then you will receive your former VIP rank, however if you did not purchase a VIP rank before purchasing a staff rank, you do not get free VIP and you will have to purchase it.
  10. Have you tried doing check_rank in console or !checkrank in chat.
  11. Toast

    Mod rank on forums.

    Message @Sprickles @james. or @Ice Cube
  12. It was pretty good mate, got a solid few hours
  13. Can confirm he had it before his ban for cheating many moons ago. (Picture for reference) - PS, it's a FROG BEANIE you twat.