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    Where is my rank on the forums? i have silver vip in-game..?
  2. I've been playing for a while and recetly there is a new token system and i noticed my hats were gone. I typed hat_data and checked the store but nothing was there. Could i get some help please. Here are proof of the only few hats i have I also had a crab and turtle hat, but i dont have proof of it.
  3. You forgot The ; behind The print thingies
  4. Dandy


    How are you suppose to guard 2 bases at the time. This is a excuse to just RDM someone. He had a base in Industry and near PD and he said he guarded them both.... How?
  5. Dandy


    How is this a suggestion? Its more of a bug that it isn't in the MOTD as it is basically FailRP, you wouldn't have a guard guard 2 things irl at the same time.
  6. Dandy


    So lately i got killed by a guard. And he said he was guarding 2 bases. Now there isn't anything about this in the MOTD but in my opinion it is still FailRP so if someone could update the motd stating that guards can only guard 1 base and not 2, that'd will be a lot less confusing
  7. So today i was online after few months quitting and there was a event going on so i was saying hi to some people because i hadn't seen him a long time then all of a sudden a super Admin picks me up and puts me with his physgun on his head while he is cloaked... I dont wanna snitch someone but this was very annoying... Control your superadmin please.
  8. I agree. Florian is really active and doing a great job as a admin+
  9. Thanks! much appreciated.