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  1. DC 

    Selling Gman for IGM

    Given you 6 hours to edit it... moved to shitposts.
  2. DC 

    Selling Gman for IGM

    Edit the price or I'm going to have to lock it - not a legit trading post...
  3. DC 

    Updated Job Rules List

    It would have to be done by roast and at his own discretion. Its just being used as a referral right now I believe but you can show people these to quote said rules.
  4. DC 


    surprised he hasn't melted yet cuz this boi is HOT ❤️
  5. DC 


  6. DC 


    Thank you all very much for your support - hopefully get there one day eh hahah
  7. DC 

    Buying Rebellion Or Others

    youre a tree, it would be strange if you were not
  8. DC 

    Buying Rebellion Or Others

  9. DC 

    Gmod launch glitch

    @MR man - I have tried to do some research for you and heres what I found: "If it doesn’t work, try uninstall your latest workshop subscriptions, until the time when your Gmod worked fine. And if THAT doesn’t work either, well, just keep uninstalling your addons, (one bunch of a time, if you have many, I had over 500 subscribed items (maybe make a collection, if you want to find all your subscribed items again)), and “Verify Integrity of Game Cache” each time you want to try start gmod. This point worked for me. "
  10. DC 

    Commodore 64

  11. DC 

    Insurgent Custom Job

  12. DC 

    Gmod launch glitch

    Horizontify game files xd Yeah verifying game cache may work
  13. DC 

    Poncho's Store

    Toast wants dem post counts
  14. DC 

    Poncho's Store

    #nonnor, fair enough xd
  15. DC 

    Poncho's Store

    Under half what hes asking? smh