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  1. DC 

    Exile Slot

    You wont get ace for 50 js
  2. DC 


    I have checked your ID and you indeed have the mod rank, I will add you in game and assign a mentor, but please be patient and ask once in the shoutbox as that will suffice.
  3. DC 


    Im pretty sure I did do it unless you provided the incorrect SteamID - please put the ID here and I will be happy to add you
  4. DC 

    Animated profile picture.

    Try an online compressor with variable file sizes and then upload it to an image hosting site, that should work
  5. DC 

    Ice Cube

  6. DC 

    Baba Gili

    That's the kind of reference I like
  7. DC 

    Baba Gili

    He had a choice ladies and gentlemen, who does that! Only a legend.
  8. DC 

    Physguns/Gravgun wont show

  9. DC 


    check_gang "Dutch Hooligans" in console.
  10. DC 

    Bank Transfer needed

    Trade Agreement closed.
  11. DC 

    Sneeky Mans Murder Shop

    Im ginger... plus this is a store post and im pretty sure no one wants to buy his grandad!
  12. DC 

    Reset caused token problems, and didn

    You were found to have abused the bug and purchase token store items for your own gain - your token store is reset and your items will not be returning. Next time do no abuse exploits...
  13. DC 

    Custom Jobs

    It is updated to marine on the sheet and he is the owner. Kitten is the owner of thug I believe.
  14. DC 

    Selling Gman for IGM

    Given you 6 hours to edit it... moved to shitposts.