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    I am a chef, i love to cook and to create new dishes but i also love gaming/computers.
    I play LoL (league of legends), Gmod, The division, i am not a big gamer (in the sense of amount of games) but i enjoy the games i do play even if its a select few. :)

    p.s I added my skype details in case of emergency for the server so please do not spam me with messages. (i will go full liam neeson on yo' ass)

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  1. ew a cp model for a cop in 2020, how lame, all them guns be compensating for something 😜
  2. i dont reply? i just sold a pm slot lol
  3. lol private military priced at £80 what is going on XD
  4. Wiggles

    Inv reset thingy

  5. aww thanks babe, i will now honour you with my first reply from my new laptop.
  6. Wiggles

    Wiggles store!

    @MichaelO you can but there are jobs that are much better for the price, i cant sell it too cheap as i will have to buy a slot off roast.
  7. Wiggles

    Wiggles store!

    Edit: Updated Prices to reflect the Jobs Worth
  8. Wiggles

    Wiggles store!

    Now selling "Gman" Slot. Pricing is negotiable so don't hesitate to send Offers my way either via forum or steam PM's
  9. Wiggles


    kind hearted? you sure it was tangy?
  10. Wiggles

    Wiggles store!

    Updated Classified to a CP Job! Plus a name change from Classified to Private Military (CP) To Take effect after next CJ restart.
  11. Wiggles

    Missing Perm weapons

    Well that doesn't make much sense to me as the weapons were bought off roast in the first place and that i paid roast £5 for each weapon to transfer the ownership to me, it the same with any CJ he wouldn't just basically delete the CJ just because ownership was transferred.... and as for the SVT i was given that as a competition prize. Even if that's the case, it's basically saying "fuck you" to all the members who have been here from the start... as we were freely allowed to transfer weapons back then.
  12. I am still missing perm weapons. IGN : MR Deadmau5 Steamid64: 76561198041314284 i have only received one perm weapon back which was the USAS but i am still missing BAR, HK45C, SVU, MP5SD, PDR and SVT as well as a fidget spinner. https://gyazo.com/37176ae9cc3ad58ba082da0092543bd0 - Proof of BAR https://gyazo.com/99beca9d38fc28ed4b4a5dd6e99f2a1f - Proof of SVU https://gyazo.com/b7233486bd444065c7baf036f8a46728 - Proof for PDR and MP5SD As for the SVT, i was given that for a competition for having the most OD time by roast back when i was an admin 2016 - 2017 somewhere in that time frame and for the HK45C and fidget spinner i got them in the old perm weapons store but i have no proof of these.
  13. Wiggles

    Wiggles store!

    perm guns can be traded whether you buy from store or not, as long as you pay roast the fee's, thats what proxy told us back when he was CM
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