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  1. JamieB


    No it hasn't. But yeah in all honesty sprickles is pretty radical.
  2. Removed~ m9k_g36 Added~ m9k_val A real spicy addition got to spin the wheel of death to gain a market share.
  3. @Condesint I recommend sending a PM to @roast he might be able to help you out with this issue.
  4. JamieB


    @Brundibar I am pretty sure you got banned for NSFW, not sure when or by who, but feel free to make an appeal if you like.
  5. You already have your steam account linked so next time you log in in game it should automatically appear on your profile, please note that regular VIP does not hold a rank on the forums and only ultimateVIP does.
  6. Contact the owner he is the only one who can do that
  7. erm if you made this current account the one you are using now with an email address rather than signing in with steam and then pressed sign in with steam it could have made two separate accounts the only thing I can think of.
  8. ok then, this is probably something you will need roast to look into I recommend shooting him a pm via the forums and seeing if he can help you out.
  9. @MR.C I am pretty sure you are able to sign out of the steam integration if you go to the account settings tab and then steam integration that should work if not let us know.
  10. I think the one at the top right of the forum home page still works
  11. JamieB

    Rank sync guide

    Probably something you would need to speak to roast about, as far as I am aware I couldn't see a way of removing the integration. if you followed all the steps correctly it might be worth relogging again and then refreshing the forums, if that fails then go to your forum profile page and locate the "validate steamID button" under "options" (Shown in the screenshot) and then press "update"
  12. JamieB

    Rank sync guide

    With the new rank sync being added I thought I would make a little guide on how to do it, its pretty simple and shouldn't take too long, if you are already signed in with steam then all you should need to do is re-log in game and your rank should appear on the forums. The only ranks on the forums for non staff is either Members or UltimateVIP regular VIP does not hold a rank. If you signed in with your email and didn't sign in with steam what you will want to do is go to account settings located just above shoutbox and next to your profile box, in a drop down you will see account settings, click onto account settings. After clicking onto account settings you will be redirected, once at this page you will want to click on steam integration, and click sign in with steam once you have signed in with steam all you will need to do is login to the server and refresh your forums page, you should now have your desired rank in game and on the forums, if you do not then try re-logging on the server then refreshing the website once you have connected. Hopefully this will help people out who are stuck on what to do with the rank sync, if you have any questions feel free to post them below.
  13. I suggest reading what axerfen has put if you having issues with subs, I won't transfer VIP to your account because you won't remove your addons.
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