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  1. JamieB

    Selling GMAN £35

    Player is now banned from the community, do not risk trading with this player under any circumstance.
  2. JamieB

    Updated Job Rules List

    Rules were changed a while ago I personally had no issue with them being in great detail, there have been numerous suggestions on how to make the rules more detailed, just not put into effect unfortunately. I will see what roast says about the rules being in more detail and hopefully I will come back with a decision. ok thanks.
  3. JamieB

    Gmod launch glitch

    Have you tried completely closing steam through task manager etc?
  4. JamieB

    Jamie's Trading store

    I usually only accept paypal as it enables me to upgrade the job more, however, I have sold slots for 100mil IGM
  5. JamieB

    My new account

    The new account has ultimate vip old one does not. thank you
  6. JamieB

    I need help with my account

    Transferred the VIP to the ID you sent
  7. JamieB

    I need help with my account

    Could I have the steamID of the old account and the new one which you intend on using? Thanks
  8. JamieB

    Selling Rebellion

  9. JamieB

    Jamie's Trading store

    Added M9k_model3russian Police shield Also on a side note hopefully will have Weapons back in F4
  10. JamieB


    Yeah A+'s can host events if they think its a suitable time to do so, I like to put trust in the A+'s to make the correct decisions.
  11. JamieB

    darkrp tocens

    Pretty positive this was solved as you now have trial mod if I am correct?