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  1. JamieB

    Selling GMAN £35

    Player is now banned from the community, do not risk trading with this player under any circumstance.
  2. Rules were changed a while ago I personally had no issue with them being in great detail, there have been numerous suggestions on how to make the rules more detailed, just not put into effect unfortunately. I will see what roast says about the rules being in more detail and hopefully I will come back with a decision. ok thanks.
  3. JamieB

    Gmod launch glitch

    Have you tried completely closing steam through task manager etc?
  4. I usually only accept paypal as it enables me to upgrade the job more, however, I have sold slots for 100mil IGM
  5. JamieB

    My new account

    The new account has ultimate vip old one does not. thank you
  6. Transferred the VIP to the ID you sent
  7. Could I have the steamID of the old account and the new one which you intend on using? Thanks
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