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  1. ~Added~ weapon_policeshield m9k_ithacam37 Can't wait for next months update!
  2. The strictly cloud gaming love I have for everyone in this community is immense, you people will forever be held close to my heart. For real I have great appreciation for these kind posts which seem so out of the blue, and without being CRINGE, this community wouldn't be where it is today without the players and the staff who work very hard and I appreciate all of you. When I took the reigns back in 2018 the community was in a much different, The staff team was in a bit of disarray due to mismanagement (trello sheet), and honestly an overall lack of motivation for people to join the server let alone be staff members. Over the years I've seen lots of new people come to the community, old players return to the community, and people leave the community. I've met a majority of incredibly nice receptive people through this community who I am willing to spend my free-time with playing online which 5 years ago seemed a little bit bonkers to me. These same people I've met over the years have dedicated there time to making the community a better place for everyone, I honestly cannot thank some of you enough. I would do a name drop but I think I'd honestly be here all day. I think I'll leave my cringe fest here but in all honesty love you all ❤️
  3. I love you all in a strictly cloud gaming way
  4. Removed (FORCEFULLY)~ Police Shield Added (Wilfully)~ Disguise Kit Bi-Yearly update, Just wait until I pay £500 for the 2000000 damage homing bugbait.
  5. JamieB

    Ult vip - Citizen

    I have set your rank back to ultimate VIP in game so you should be able to use the rank sync to get the rank on the forums, I have manually assigned ultimateVIP on discord.
  6. JamieB

    rank on forums

    Silver VIP doesn’t hold a rank on the forums only ultimate VIP/Staff ranks do.
  7. Hi everyone, I just thought I’d put this post here to speak about mental health and just to offer support to anyone who wants or needs it and just to hopefully make people think about what they say to everyone in this community a little more. If you’re reading this and feel alone or upset about anything at all please don’t hesitate in messaging myself or @roast our door will always be open to everyone in this community and try to help with any issues you are having, if you don’t feel like you could speak to us then I recommend speaking to anyone you’re close to family members, friends, or the Samaritans/Childline you are not alone. I really would appreciate it if everyone could just think about what they say before they say something to someone else aswell, as we could never know what’s going on behind the scenes of someone’s life and this community could very well be an escape for a lot of people. As always guys Godbless and stay safe ❤️
  8. Just can’t rely on common sense because some people clearly lack it
  9. I will try to go over things that need clarifying I’m not overly keen on people just taking things as open to interpretation. However I don’t really want the rules to end up with 6 lines of text for every single rule that takes 30 minutes to read
  10. No it hasn't. But yeah in all honesty sprickles is pretty radical.
  11. Removed~ m9k_g36 Added~ m9k_val A real spicy addition got to spin the wheel of death to gain a market share.
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