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  1. I really appreciate the kind words everyone, thanks very much <3
  2. Appreciate the support, you are also doing a very good job.
  3. Lowered price to £40 to make secondhand sellers lower there's further
  4. I really appreciate the kind words everyone, really has cheered me up <3
  5. Added m9k_glock Medkit Unarrest Baton A splash of colour and diversity!!!
  6. JamieB

    i donated

    @Tanky Did you click "get tokens" when you were in game? F4 menu > Exchange > Paypal Exchange > get tokens?
  7. Since people were literally only building bases on the streets so the majority of buildings were virtually empty.
  8. Back in the "day" of Flash Gordon, there was a "rape" swep for the job, which was later removed.
  9. No, I'm not really interested in trading for csgo skins, thanks for the interest though.
  10. It is a nice offer but I do not have a use for a distinction slot, sorry.
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