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  1. Update: Price reduced for Brute & Dancer
  2. Kringo

    Dancer store.

    omg owner change, omg dancer has a store now 😮 very nice!
  3. Update: Added price for Dancer
  4. Kringo

    Rodney's shop

    Good luck with the store Rodney!
  5. Dual wield P90 gameplay 😎
  6. Update: Added Dancer to the store! Also Brute update! P90 swapped for Double Barrel!
  7. boney for 1 pound for quick sale xxxxxxxxxx mommy type beat, good luck with the store though ❤️
  8. Update: Price reduced for Brute, price added for Chief Inspector
  9. @Greywind does work hard and he does it well I Agree about @EYEBOBLER as well, as far as I've seen, he's been great at staffing! Keep up the great work lads!
  10. damn, bystander is slowly becoming a participant 😏, good luck with the job!
  11. He is a great lad indeed, he is also a frog 🐸
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