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  1. its not extended shitville its negerville
  2. Thanks man, I appreciate the kind words
  3. im pregnant with your child cortez this is not funny it is serious

    1. Cortez 2

      Cortez 2

      i ejaculated and then evacuated

    2. MR man

      MR man

      I thought you loved me turtle ;.;

  4. + rep you left CG like a boss

  5. Sometimes i ask a question and you leave the PM, and theres money on the line!
  6. yes rost is a good man likes to ignore my PM's and gives me CJ's when i buy them
  7. when I tried to RDM you with a c4 i didn't know how to use it and the actual c4 animation is 45 seconds being typed in so i thought it would go off in 45 seconds not 0 seconds so i killed 6 people but i didn't get unbanned ;-; i vanish
  8. Yeah its insane how much @WarMachine and @Bodman do, i love you 2 cheeky lads <3
  9. Cortez 2


    Yes hes very hard working!
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