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  1. Spizor

    I can't open my cases

    That only happens when the forum is down and it'll be fixed whenever the forum is. So this should already be fixed for you
  2. Spizor

    Buying Rebellion

    Just get more money and buy it from roast instead of buying it from some random geezer. But if you can't then your best bet is gonna be £25 inc. fee or £20 if you're lucky.
  3. Spizor

    Immersel yeah

    how much you selling chief inspector for
  4. Spizor

    Spizor's Store

    @NightBlade lock this thread please, found a buyer.
  5. Spizor

    Spizor's Store

    IG Name: Spizor Selling: UA Slot Description: Job rules: 6.10 Undead Army You may base and raid with anyone. You may kidnap only alongside a fellow Undead Army owners. You are allowed to mug for a maximum of £8000. You are allowed to build on the streets. You may not enforce the law. The job includes: • Active Camouflage • Bhop SWEP • Climb SWEP • Magic Sword • SPAS-12 • Hackphone • 100 armor • Ability to cook meth • Model Price: £25 Payment method(s): Paypal Other comments: £25 and you pay the transfer fee (£5)
  6. Spizor

    Buying UA Slot

    Yeah me and Dargen made a deal. Please lock @NightBlade @WarMachine
  7. Spizor

    Buying UA Slot

    too poor for that
  8. Spizor

    Buying UA Slot

    @alltimegamer Willing to pay 50m, can negotiate the price
  9. Spizor

    Buying UA Slot

    Buying IG Name: Spizor Buying: Undead Army Slot Description: Looking to buy an undead army slot for ingame cash, add me on steam if you have any offers pls tyvm Looking to pay: Ingame Cash Payment method(s): Ingame Other comments:
  10. @DargenFingerButt how about 50m
  11. How much ingame money you selling it for?
  12. Are you even reading what he's selling?
  13. @NoT_eNgLiSh not sure if you're being sarcastic or notbut yeah without all your hard work at developing the server @roast we wouldn't be able to create such an amazing community!
  14. I agree with all of this, he is an awesome mentor and a great staff of the senior team, keep it up @WarMachine!
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