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  1. Spizor

    Spizor's Store

    Chief inspector is still up for sale
  2. Spizor

    Spizor's Store

    Sold rebellion & boney Chief inspector is still up for sale: £15 incl. fee Spizor#8952
  3. Spizor

    Spizor's Store

    Updated prices Boney £25 incl. fee Rebellion £20 incl. fee Chief Inspector £15 incl. fee
  4. Spizor

    Spizor's Store

    Sold soldier, rest are still up
  5. Spizor

    Spizor's Store

    Now selling all my CJs, updated all prices PM me on discord if you wanna offer Spizor#8952
  6. Spizor

    Spizor's Store

    Selling soldier and boney each for £30 incl. fee If you wanna buy both PM me and we'll discuss Also if you wanna buy rebellion or chief inspector pm me Spizor#8952
  7. Spizor

    Spizor's Store

    Updated prices Now selling soldier for £40 including fee Boney for £35 including fee PM me on discord if you wanna discuss prices: Spizor#0018
  8. Spizor

    Spizor's Store

    Updated soldier slot
  9. If you don't have any evidence, you probably won't have any luck getting them back.
  10. please could you tell me what i lack so i can improve

  11. This post is a year old..
  12. This shouldn't be in bug reporting, but try joining through the IP: connect
  13. Spizor


    You don't have to install anything
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