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  1. Spizor

    Spizor's Store

    Updated soldier slot
  2. If you don't have any evidence, you probably won't have any luck getting them back.
  3. please could you tell me what i lack so i can improve

  4. This post is a year old..
  5. This shouldn't be in bug reporting, but try joining through the IP: connect
  6. Spizor


    You don't have to install anything
  7. Spizor

    Spizor's Store

    Added custom job slot to the store
  8. Spizor

    Clarification on rules

    To clarify this whole mess, you do have to warn them if they have a gun out but not using it UNLESS you warned them for something and they pull out a gun on you, then you may KOS/AOS. About the SWAT Sniper, you cannot build on the street apart from building a checkpoint so what you could do is link a sniper tower to the checkpoint and that is technically allowed since it's part of the checkpoint. Though you cannot have random snipers towers laying around the map.
  9. Spizor

    Clarification on rules

    You don't need to warn them if they have a gun out, as it already states that in said rule. Having a heavy rifle out in public is indeed a threat so you can KOS him, though it all depends on the laws if weapons are illegal or not.
  10. I am a satisfied rebellion customer and I can vouch for this
  11. Spizor

    Stuck on loading screen.

    Try not allowing any custom files to be downloaded, though I don't know if that's gonna cause you to have errors. Options -> Multiplayer -> Do not download any custom files If that doesn't help, try closing Garry's Mod and restart Steam, sometimes I can't connect to the server and that fixes it for me.
  12. Spizor

    Disguised and wanted

    Selling weed, selling gold, doing deliveries, harvesting weed, etc..
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