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    Selling Baldy custom job

    IG Name: DTT Luigi Selling: Baldy custom job slot Price: 40 pounds you pay fee Payment methods: PayPal Only if you want to pm me add me on discord Oscar #3843
  2. OscarGamez

    Precision Weld

    Here is video how to get precision weld for people who doesn't know how to get it work.
  3. OscarGamez

    Selling Rebellion

    Selling IG Name: DTT Luigi NO SOUND Selling: Rebellion Custom Slot Description: WEAPONS: Double barrel, Spas 12, Ithaca M37, SVU, Cross bow, G36, Tar21. ABILITIES: Meth, Bitcoin, Moon, DJ Equipment, Armor Charger CJ, Hits (Can take hits), Weed, can raid PD, build on street, Mug, Kidnap. SWEPS: Camo swep, Bhop swep, Climb swep, Medkit, Magic Sword, Unarrest Baton, Police Sheild, Hack Phone, Pro Lockpick, Keypad crakcer. Price: 20£ (you pay fee] Payment method(s) PAYPAL ONLY Other comments: Good CJ PM ME ON DISCORD IF YOU ARE INTERESED: Oscar#3843 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD TO: imparadise111
  4. OscarGamez

    Selling Rebellion

    SOLD TO: imparadise111
  5. OscarGamez

    Selling Rebellion

    Sry no thanks
  6. OscarGamez

    Selling Rebellion

    No Thanks.
  7. OscarGamez

    Holm's Store

    Nice store holm, might buy!
  8. OscarGamez

    Buying CJ FOR IGM

    Buying IG Name: DTT Oscar Buying: Any CJ for igm Description: Looking to pay 70-100mil IGM for CJ Looking to pay: 70-100mil IGM Payment method(s) IGM Other comments:
  9. OscarGamez

    Buying CJ FOR IGM

    I was just thinking if someone want to sell CJ for IGM im offering 80mil
  10. OscarGamez

    Guide for RPG proof base

  11. OscarGamez

    Buying rank upgrade gold vip to ultra

    IG Name: NEDUXAS PET Buying:Gold vip upgrade to ultravip Description: Looking to pay:17.5mil igm Payment method(s)in game money
  12. OscarGamez

    Buying normal vip 20 mil ingame money

    Buying normal vip 20mil ingame money