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  1. Holm

    Holm's Store

    This is so cringy it makes me embarrassed to be a part of the human race
  2. Holm

    Holm's Store

    Store updated! Changed Baldy to Combat medic The new name and model will give the job more RP role than just a random name, this will enable job owners to be engaged in more RP situations. Note: The job will undergo several model/name/color until it reaches what it suites it most Hope you enjoy it!
  3. Pretty neat and straight to the point, it’s nice to see there is still interest in making guides, good job!
  4. Holm

    Holm's Store

    Store updated! @Spooderman is now a co-owner! We got lot of plans for the job in the upcoming days so stay tuned 🔫
  5. Holm

    Buying Baldy

    Imagine the hate for wanting another custom job, go for it big man 😉 👍
  6. Holm

    Holm's Store

    Check inbox 📥
  7. Holm

    Holm's Store

    Store updated! Added "Ability to mug" and "Ability to kidnap" to "Baldy" Special thanks to my homie @Spooderman All abilities found on store are now added!
  8. Holm

    Holm's Store

    Whatever the gentleman above me said was very true. Although the job is verified and pretty stacked up, I'll be still looking for possible upgrades, feel free to hit me up with any suggestions and enjoy! 📥 🎄Merry Christmas 🎄
  9. Holm

    Holm's Store

    Store updated! Added "Keypad Cracker", "Pancor Jackhammer", "Hl2 Revolver", "M82 barret" to "Baldy" Enjoy!
  10. Holm

    Holm's Store

    Store updated! Added "EX41 Grenade launcher" to "Baldy" (The job has it already!)  Note: Grenade launcher ammo will be available soon as well! Have fun! Don't give up on the pickaxe though
  11. Holm

    Holm's Store

    Diamond update next restart (Epic item incoming )
  12. Holm

    Holm's Store

    Special offer! Enjoy your Free VIP/VIP upgrade with your Baldy purchase Note: If you already got VIP/VIP upgrade you can get free tokens!
  13. Holm

    Buying baldy rank

    @Danistöö Check Inbox 💬
  14. @Riph and @Jaz are doing a really good job! It's really easy to notice the honest dedication, and the presence in the critical moments. I want you guys to realize that your dedication is appreciated and it's amazing to have you handling all that mess in the nicest way possible! Keep up the great work early morning squad Amazing art work done by @Jaz
  15. Holm

    Holm's Store

    Store updated! Added "m9k_tar21" to "Baldy" (Changes active next CJ restart) You think that's it? Think again! More items soon!
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