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  1. IG Name: Danzy Selling: Rebellion Description: It has Double barrel shotgun, Spas 12, Ithaca M37, SVU, Cross bow, G36, Tar21, SL8 and a load of sweps and jobs like meth, weed, bitcoin. Price: £20 + fee so £25 altogether that's a whopping £5 off normal price Payment method(s) Paypal Other comments: Add me on discord ææ¢─îEEE#1361 if you want to buy, I don't really use my pc anymore so I wont reply very quick
  2. I'm pretty sure this job is for those people who can't make money 😕 but yes you can do that to if you are living in the high life
  3. Will take 21.875 days of playtime to have enough tokens for this, have fun everyone saving up If you have ult-vip I think it's 70 minutes per token if you don't idk how long it will take you
  4. ææ¢─îEEE

    CJ gone

    Happened to me with Alyx
  5. Oof, don't think it works like that?!?! :'D
  6. I already payed £20, where's it at
  7. Buying IG Name: Danzy Buying: Any CJ Description: Bying eny costom jab four 1.4 millon IGM <- if that's to much I can lower it, you pay the fee cos I am brok Looking to pay: 1.4 millon for Costom jab Payment method(s) IGM Other comments: Can I have my alyx/distinction slot I bought over 1 year ago ^^^^^ Thank you for watching now like and subscribe for more consent... I mean content If the money is to much for you I can lower it
  8. Where's my Alyx at, it's been over a year of waiting



    That was in 2017 in december

  9. Hello @Curski @jtwepiczombie @Lightnin Recently I have been seeing you guys being more active on the forums and in game. First I would like to start with @Lightnin, he has always been there when you need an Admin+, he will always solve problems. If you need help with something, this guy is who you go to. Secondly I would like to thank @Curski, never seen him RP before, but he is always OD! Lastly, although he smells, we love him, it's @jtwepiczombie the legend himself, he is doing an amazing job as event manager, straight after events he goes OD or afk , but thank you for all the lovely events!!! @NightBlade Been doing an amazing job as well, doing great at SA, I feel like you would be the nicest CM there has been so far, not saying I have a problem with the others, just feel like you would be great at it. Overall you guys have been doing an amazing job and I want to thank you all soooooooo much. Without you, CG wouldn't be the same. And @SYMMIJ You are a cool guy and always OD when needed, active on the forums. Never had a problem. (he told me to add him in) .
  10. Good deal!!!, 20mill IGM is worth £40 in !donate If you want 20mill for £10 buy a bhop swep for this guy.
  11. I saw you using the DB aswell, in that late night DM.
  12. Yeah I did wonder what happen to the token refunds.
  13. GOWANNNNNNNNNNN We love Lucas!!!
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